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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Feeling Better Than He Has ‘in a Long Time’ Amid Torrid Hot Streak

The Dodgers secured another win with an 11-to-4 victory over the Angels. LA’s All-Stars shined on offense with the outfielder-turned-infielder Mookie Betts leading the way. Betts is hot in July as he prepares for the Home Run Derby. When asked about where he’s at with his swing, he told SportsNet LA anchor Kirsten Watson that he’s feeling “the best he’s felt in a long time.”

“I’m just going to ride the wave and see what happens.”

Since he was traded by the Boston Red Sox to the Dodgers in February 2020, the Dodgers go as Mookie goes. In July, the Dodgers won four and lost three games. Currently, they have a three-game winning streak.

In July, Betts has a .400 batting average with 6 home runs. Notably, he’s played a lot of infield over the last week-plus, somewhere he loves playing. There may be a correlation to that success, but Mookie’s not buying into that narrative.

“I won an MVP in right field. So, that’s my argument to that. It doesn’t really matter where I play, the box is the box and defense is defense, they’re two separate things and I keep them that way.”

Via SNLA Post Game

When he plays second base, he has a .347 batting average with 7 home runs, and as a shortstop, he has a .304 batting average with 3 home runs. While playing infield, he smiles all the time. His natural athleticism is evident in the infield. If the Dodgers didn’t have Gavin Lux’s injury and Miguel Vargas performed as expected, the Dodgers likely wouldn’t have given Betts much opportunity to play infield.

On Tuesday in Seattle, he’ll be starting in right field for the National League team.

During this past offseason, Betts with the urging from the Dodgers, went to the baseball training facility, Driveline, to have his swing analyzed. They suggested that he put on weight for his body to better handle the grind of a 162 game season. He came into spring training nine pounds heavier. Now, his 25 home runs lead the Dodgers and is fifth most in baseball.

He hopes he won’t embarrass himself in the upcoming Home Run Derby… Dodger fans know he won’t. 

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