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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Knows What’s Wrong With Team

It’s beating the dead horse at this point but it seems obvious the Dodgers have continued to struggle when it comes to scoring runs into the postseason. It’s something that the world sees and something that Mookie Betts feels all too familiar with.

The Padres have stepped up to the plate and have taken a stranglehold on the series after losing game one. The postseason brings out the best, and worst, of each team and the Padres seemed to have found their formula against the Dodgers.

Betts spoke to the media and showed his respect for what the Padres have been able to do.

“I’m not shocked at all. They’re a good ball team. Regular season doesn’t mean anything. they’re paying well and we haven’t.”

It’s now time for the Dodgers to step up, but of course the problem remains and the team still struggles to score.

“Timely hitting (is the issue). Not stringing together a-lot of at bats to score runs and hitting in scoring position and they’re executing so we can look at it in both ways. It’s apart of the game. We go out there and give it our best. We’re just not doing it right now but tomorrow is a new day. They’re good so nothing is easy.”

Betts isn’t alone when it comes to struggles as the entire team needs to step up and make plays. The Dodgers haven’t been playing with their backs to the wall all season and truly enter uncharted territory.

Win or go home.

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  1. Dodgers need to spank or feed that dead (pony) horse and get going !! Maybe Dodgers pregame slogan can be … “Spank that Pony! Spank that Pony!”

    Otherwise it’s over! Go LAD! Spank that Pony!

  2. He it right. The team is not hitting. During the series with the Padres, the Dodgers batted .212. You can blame Roberts, analytics with the pitching staff, the front office, etc., but no team is going to win many games batting .212.

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