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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts’ Loyatly to LA Questioned, Turner’s Opening Day Video Pops Off, and More!

For a week without sports, there is plenty of news every day for the Dodgers and all of baseball. We’ve got a lot of glimpses of players at home, most recently Kershaw’s juggling challenge to teammate Cody Bellinger. We also got to look back on Hee-Seop Choi’s famous homerun derby from 2005.

Speaking of getting glimpses of players at home, Justin Turner and his wife Courtney are clearly missing baseball. The pair teamed up for an iconic remake of what Opening Day could have been.

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Says All Options to Play Should Be Considered

On a more serious note, ESPN hosts debated whether or not Mookie Betts would show any loyalty to the Dodgers if the season ended today. The short answer: nah. 

Dodgers: ESPN Talks Mookie Betts’ Loyalty to Los Angeles

And finally, Dave Roberts discussed the potential of playing games and what needs to be done. Roberts believes that every option to play needs to be considered, even if it completely changes the game we know.

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Says All Options to Play Should Be Considered

All of that and more, this week at Dodgers Nation! Check back daily for the most up-to-date information on your favorite Los Angeles baseball team. 

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