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Dodgers News: Trea Turner Writes Thank You to LA Fans on Twitter

Trea Turner officially took to Twitter to thank Dodger fans for his brief one-and-a-half tenure in LA. He quote tweeted the thank you video from the Dodgers, and sent some appreciation to the fans for cheering him on the last few seasons.

“Thank you @Dodgers fans! Was blast playing in front of all of you! Memories I’ll never forget!”

It wasn’t the most heartfelt thank you in the entire world, but it’s nice for Trea to recognize the fan base who loved him for the last two years.

It was pretty unlikely Turner was going to re-sign in LA — it felt like a near sure thing he was going to head to Philadelphia this offseason.

The Dodgers will definitely miss Trea. He’s a great hitter, as fast as anyone in the league and a true fun player to watch. As of now they’ll have Gavin Lux to replace him at shortstop, but there’s still a chance they make a bigger move this offseason.

The Phillies come to Dodger Stadium on May 1 for a three-game series with LA. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of reception Trea gets from the Dodgers’ crowd (I assume he won’t get booed but who knows).

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. As much as I liked Trae Turner as a Dodger,I have no feelings about him leaving.I’ve gotten so use to players coming and going through being free agents or trades that I’m not surprised when this happens.It’s all about the math and money.If Trae gave us about 20 homers and about .300 batting average per season,you find a guy or two that can more or less equal the numbers.That’s all and you pay the guy or guys the money that more or less equals Trae’s value.Yeah,this is how to love and expect from this game! Is Urias staying or going?

  2. He conducted himself like a pro when he was with the Dodgers. I wish him the best. You got to remember he didn’t ask to come to LA in the first place. He was traded here.

  3. I’m glad your gone you don’t have a clutch bone in your body !!! Enjoy popping out to SS for the Phillies in the playoffs !!!

    1. Very good player but overrated. Not worth what he signed for. Especially in 4-5 years. Didn’t do jack in the 2 playoffs with the Dodgers. Hasta La Vista Bebe.

  4. I root for a team more than the players on it since they come and go as the bank roll blows! Whoever’s on my team at any given time I want to do well, otherwise when playing for someone else I don’t care how they do and when playing against my team I hope they suck!

  5. This seems like one more underwhelming move by the Dodgers since they lost in the playoffs. It is unclear how the club expects to be equal or better than last year, without improving their lineup and by losing pitchers and then not finding any quality pitchers in the free agent venue. Maybe we’ll load up on some marginal, tired armed, rehab pitchers, hope the kids in OKC can fill the lineup holes and…

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