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Dodgers News: Trea Turner’s Agent Sends Highlights Reel to Teams

Remember Oliver Perez’s binder? The one where Scott Boras said Perez was the next Sandy Koufax? That was in 2008, and Boras was unsurprisingly not correct in his assessment of Perez. While Oliver did play another 13 years (and counting?) in the big leagues — more than Koufax played in his entire career — he threw just 466.1 innings in those 13 years and posted a 4.34 ERA.

All of which is to say, agents sometimes embellish for the sake of their clients. Which brings us to the video Trea Turner’s agency, CAA Sports, put out on Monday in support of Trea’s free agency. Narrated by Jon Hamm, the star of Mad Men, a bit player in Top Gun: Maverick, and most recently seen as Santa Claus in the World Cup commercials, Trea’s hype video is two and a half minutes of sales pitch as to why a team should back the money truck right up to Turner’s front door.

Now, Trea is no Oliver Perez — he’s a legitimate superstar who doesn’t need ridiculous comparisons to Hall of Famers to make his case. Still, there are a few lines in this video that might frustrate Dodger fans or at least make them shake their heads. Talk of “elite defense” might not sit well with the fans who watched at least three misplays in L.A.’s four-game NLDS loss, for example. Also, “This guy’s as close to slump-proof as it gets” is an interesting word choice for a guy who slumped heavily over the last month or so of the 2022 regular season.

Still, if we look at Turner’s overall body of work, the video is mostly accurate with just enough positive spin. But it’s worth remembering that general managers aren’t the target market for these types of videos. There are just two targets: fans and owners. Make the fans emotional about wanting Trea on their team, and do the same to the rich owner, hoping he’ll impose his will on the front office or at least authorize a big expenditure.

GMs know what Trea brings to the table, even without Don Draper telling them. But still, as a Dodger fan, you watch that video and think, “Yeah, I’d like to have Trea back.”

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  1. Everything is relative, his average during the slump period was still third on the team during the period. Just shows how much of the offense the top 3 were.

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