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Dodgers News: Uncertainty Looming For Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers were hoping to get some good news on Clayton Kershaw this week. The veteran southpaw was scheduled to throw a simulated game on Sunday afternoon to prepare for an activation next week in Anaheim. That did not happen. 

Instead, Dave Roberts revealed that Kershaw was dealing with some lingering soreness. That led the Dodgers to bump back his simulated game which would presumably also bump back his Saturday start.

Ahead of Sunday’s game, Doc revealed that they still did not know when Kershaw would throw. That is a bit of a concern even with Max Scherzer added into the starting rotation this week. The added factor of Tony Gonsolin’s IL placement only further complicates the matter, 

He just went out and played catch, but I don’t know. Obviously, he’s not pitching in a game today in a simulated situation. So it’s more of making sure we get to the next day and at some point soon when he feels pain-free and he feels strong enough to go out there and pitch a simulated game, then we’ll get to that point. 

It sounds like Kershaw will have to throw his simulated game before the Dodgers consider activating him. That means that they are likely going to need to find someone to make the start on Saturday or go with a bullpen game.  

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Kershaw has been out since right before the All-Star break when the Dodgers placed him on the IL with forearm soreness. But for the moment, they don’t even have an anticipated day to get him throwing to hitters. It’s concerning to say the least. 

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    1. Well for now Dodgers must find someone to start in his place for this turn in rotation because the BP WILLNOT survive too many more BP games. The team won’t survive to October with weekly BP games and we can only hope Dodgers realize that.

      1. How do you find someone? Trade deadline is over. Duffy in a month, maybe. They may have traded for a guy just like Kershaw, who may or may not pitch again this year.

        This is why I didn’t like the big trade. This season seems like a lot cause. Too many question marks. So they dealt top two prospects plus two others for one season of Trea Turner.

  1. He seems to be fine to me. He’s always talking and having fun in the dogout during games so why is hd taking this long to get going again. Get someone else to take his place in the roster.

  2. It’s going to be even tougher now for the Dodgers to go on a “magical” 2 month run to overtake the Giants to win the N.L. West. The opportunity is there, even under the current circumstances, but it’s even more of a challenge because the Dodgers have 3 SP’s they can rely on and huge question marks regarding their #4 & #5 SP’s. Price is still a question regarding his ability to pitch consistently well and with Gonsolin down again, there is no #5.
    The onus will be on the Dodgers to absolutely dominate in the starts they get from Buehler, Scherzer and Urias. The team may need to win 65-70% of those games, at least, to run down S.F. and win the Division. If Kershaw and Duffy were healthy right now–the Dodgers would be locked and loaded for a tremendous run, but the earliest they’ll have both of those pitchers back is probably early Sept. The offense definitely will have to pick up the slack in the games not pitched by the Big 3.

  3. We’re definitely in big trouble now. Can’t add anyone else and the pen will succumb to the lack of starters. Maybe Bellinger can pitch because he sure can’t hit!

    1. Yeah, and why not, if all else fails. In any event. Bellinger may find less playing time if he cannot get past the .160 BA. The off season shoulder surgery has impacted his power and RBI output but nobody ever thought that it would see him hit at least 40+ points below that Mendoza line.

    2. A modest proposal (apologies to jonathan Twist) bring up quakenbush who has been lights out at Oklahoma City. Platoon Bellinger and Puhols at first. Start Duffy when he is ready (hopefyly soon)
      And a “ modest” thought; couldn’t they have tradec for a pitcher not on the IL?

  4. Future HOFers like DeGrom, Sherzer, and Kershaw know when they are ready to go. Kershaw will pitch when he’s ready. We will have to put up some runs on the days that Buehler, Sherzer, and Urias aren’t pitching. With Betts, Seager, and Trea Turner in the lineup, and JT and Pollack both hitting around or above 300, we have the necessary firepower to do that.

  5. To bad for Kershaw. I assume that Kershaw knows what is going on. I would like to hear from him to put out ant speculation on his pain. I am certain he wants to compete because that’s what he does.

  6. I think the Dodgers have the same pitching depth right now that the Giants have in the way of starters. The end of the season the onus is on the scoring of runs and managing a club. This is where we fall short of the Giants. Who thought the Dodgers Gabe Kaplen would be so much better at managing then Roberts, Oh thats right the Giants Did.Roberts does not know how to manufacture runs or provide situational hitting along with his continued bullpen mess-ups we always seem to be 1 step behind our 2 adversaries , Giants and Padres. If Roberts starts Bellinger one more game this year even if it is to give some one a scheduled “OFF DAY” he should be toast. Why are we always playing 9 against 7. We bring up the flavor of the month either in pitching or a outfielder and they can’t hit or pitch but yet Roberts keeps marching them out there in place of players like Turner or Muncy just to give them a day off. I sent the lineup that works for us Dave now stick to it and stay out of the teams way!

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