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Dodgers News: Zack Greinke Voted NL’s Best Pitcher

Zack Greinke’s season was indisputably incredible in 2015. His time as a Los Angeles Dodger has met or exceeded any and all expectations anyone could’ve had upon his signing. Monday, as he tries to figure out where he might play in 2016, he was voted the National League’s best pitcher by his peers.

The vote wouldn’t come as anything close to a surprise in almost any other season, but as the pitching around the MLB continues to dominate, seasons continue to look more and more impressive.

His own teammate (I believe his name is Clayton something or other) struck out more than 300 batters, a feat not accomplished in more than a decade.


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Greinke did push the record books some in his own right. This 45 2/3-inning shutout streak was the fourth-longest in modern MLB history. To put how great he was this season in perspective, when the streak ended, his ERA was a staggering 1.37. He finished the season at 1.66. That’s insane.

Congratulations, Zack, and here’s to hoping you can follow that up without another great season in 2016, as a Dodger.

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