Dodgers Not Willing To Offer Top Prospects For Cole Hamels


Philadelphia Phillies ace Cole Hamels made it known that his top priority is to win, and that it probably won’t be happening in Philly anytime soon.

Since the team’s World Series win in 2008, the Phillies have been on a slow, yet steady decline and have posted losing records for the past two seasons. This was not what Hamels foresaw for the team when he signed a six-year, $144 million record-setting deal with Philadelphia during the 2012 season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, along with a handful of other teams, have been linked to Hamels over the past few months. Despite the rumors that have circulated this offseason, the former World Series MVP has yet to be traded.

A deal with the Dodgers is not imminent, mostly because the team’s reluctance to part with what the Phillies want via USA Today’s Bob Nightengale:

The Dodgers have yet to include any of their top four prospects in a proposal.”

The top four Dodgers prospects–Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, Julio Urias and Grant Holmes–seem as though they will be staying put. This comes as no surprise considering the Dodgers organization has been very clear about not wanting to give up their young talent.

With Pederson looking like the starting center fielder this year and Seager lined up to possibly take a spot in the infield in the coming years, the cost of giving up top prospects like these does not appear worth it for Hamels, especially considering the Dodgers starting rotation has improved from last season with the additions of Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson.

Although aside from wanting to hold on to their young talent, Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi also stated that the team was done pursuing more starting pitching. With the Dodgers looking unlikely to trade for Hamels, the questions still remains as to what uniform the Phillies starter will be wearing coming Opening Day.

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  1. Not a surprise. As soon as they inked McCarthy and Anderson it looked like they felt they were done. They have Urias and possibly Holmes coming in another year or so. No need this year. Next year Zimmerman, Cueto, possibly Grienke and others are FA so good time to wait till next year and see how it goes. We may have homegrown talent by then.

    1. T I knew they would not make this trade last year. Hamels was on the the deadline and then the Phils wanted 2 of the 3 top prospects. I will say this for Colletti, he resisted the temptation and did not swing the deal.

  2. Having a proven playoff pitcher like Hamels would be nice but Phillies seem to wanting a bunch in exchange. Cole also has a big contract. He would be nice to have but I don’t expect Dodgers to make that move.

  3. Not to smart to trade for prospects… Urias, Holmes and De la Cruz like a money in the bank… Pederson, and Seager is a real pruben MLB prospects… and also Hamels is 22 milion per year!

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