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Dodgers Offseason: Carlos Correa Expected To Demand Top Dollar, is LA Willing To Pay It?

It’s looking more likely each day that Trea Turner will not be with the Dodgers in 2023. Luckily, the Dodgers will have some options to replace Turner if he were to leave and among those options come Carlos Correa.

The bad blood between the Astros and the Dodgers during the cheating scandal of the World Series will never go away. However, it’s believed a unity with Correa and the Dodgers won’t cause any friction.

The biggest issue becomes how much the Dodgers will be willing to pay Correa.

Among the off-season predictions, an MLB Insider believes Correa will make a deal north of $300 million this off-season. If the Dodgers aren’t going to pull the trigger and bring Turner back for something near that amount, it’s hard to imagine the Dodgers would do the same for Correa.

A prediction sees Correa landing with the Cubs on such a deal (via Jim Bowden, The Athletic).


  1. Hope that Cheating POS goes to the Cubs!! I won’t support that decision and neither will many other fans!! Oh no the worlds gonna end if we don’t sign Carlos Correa when we have the best farm system in baseball. Oh no we’re not as big a contender as we have been in years past. Oh no the expectations are a little bit lower and there’s less pressure. Oh no it might mean making a bigger move down the road. Oh no maybe we get Verlander or De Grom over Correa.

  2. Oh no, Bowden’s predictions have always being wrong. Have Correa go any place else but the Dodgers. The Giants would be okay so we can really have a big time rivalry. If that’s the asking price, pay Trea that money! Just think That will all be worth the value of keeping the Big Three together for years to come! The Big Three at the top of the order is like a top fuel dragster revving to blow the competitor in the dust. Mookie, Trea, and Freddie are in their prime and all in sync with each other, which will be hard to duplicate that chemistry.

  3. Why didn’t they extend an offer to Trea last off season with no competition? How do you let a a project pitcher who turns into an all star get taken by a team in the neighborhood on the first possible day? All the replacements for him are 2-3 times the price he signed for. How do you extend pitcher’s that refuse a surgery and turn 1 lost year into 2? Gallo, Belli, extend Muncie and CT3? Friedman is way overrated.

  4. I love my team so much that I will not read iditotic blog pieces talking about how Carlos Correa should become a Dodger. Because clearly I love my team more than blogger does.

  5. I’ve been a fan since the Boys of Summer and always felt the Dodgers are a class organization. It’s impossible to imagine someone as classless as Correa in a Dodger uniform. I held my nose when they picked up Manny Ramirez, hoping his PEDs were behind him, but Correa is simply a bridge too far. Accepting him would have been difficult had he evinced even an ounce of shame or regret regarding his cheating, but instead he was truculent and combative. Let a club with no moral compass hire him.

  6. “Just Win. Baby” worked out so well with Bauer, let’s try it again, right? If you want to pay big bucks for a SS and Turner is not available, then go for Bogaerts who may take a little less because – like Mookie – he wants out of Boston. I think that Correa should be the last possible option.

  7. Anderson’s walk is unjustifiable! Pivot to the Japanese free agent.
    Correa/Turner, best guess is we’re not going to spend $30 mil for 10 years on any shortstop. We’re saving it for a bigger impact player… Judge or Ohtani? Have to wonder if Ohtani is going to be available at the trade deadline. Who would you rather empty your prospect pool for; Soto or Ohtani?

  8. I agree I cannot believe we let an All-Star go to the Angels. I see a shift to De-Grom, Burnes, Verlander, Judge, and or trade down the road for Otani, possible consideration for Drury if that was just a rental option for SD.

  9. $300 M for Correa aka cheating’ Carlos. Show that $ to Trea. He’s actually worth it. Unless the Angels make an offer like they did for Tyler. Friedman you are being out maneuvered by other organizations.
    And —- don’t just think losing fans is a joke, many if us are ready to jump ship now if CC becomes a Roberts lackey.

  10. I would say no. A player has to feel wanted to play his best & honestly I feel like between Taylor & Lux (who was a highly touted shortstop when drafted) they can handle it & it would free up some positions in the outfield where we may have more young in house talent, that need a chance to play. Will it be easy to replace Turner, absolutely not, but Correa is definitely not the answer & is way too expenisve.

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