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Dodgers Poll: Fans Uncertain For A Reunion With Trea Turner

The talks with the Phillies continue to heat up for Trea Turner and signs are pointing towards Turner at least finding a new team for 2022. The value Turner brought to the lineup on a daily basis for the Dodgers can’t be understated, but the free agent shortstop is ready to get paid top dollar on the open market.

Whether the Dodgers are willing to match what Turner is looking for remains a mystery but with no official signing yet it seems likely the team has at least been engaging with the All-Star shortstop. The accolades speak for themselves as Turner earned his second All-Star berth, his first career Silver Slugger award, and even garnered some MVP consideration following his second season with the team.

Turner was a huge catalyst for such a successful regular season team, but is this enough for Dodgers fans to want to bring Turner back? It may seem obvious that a talent of Turner’s caliber belongs on the Dodgers, but fans remain split on bringing him back.

This of course may have nothing to do with what Turner brings to the team. Turner was one of the most consistent baseball players in the league last season appearing in 160 games, the second time in his career appearing in at least that many games.

Perhaps fans are ready to move on and don’t want to see the Dodgers pay a huge chunk of their payroll and lock in Turner for years to come when they can be looking at cheaper options in the market. With a cheaper contract, the Dodgers can then shift their focus to other positions of need including pitcher and centerfield.

The other options may be cheaper, but it will be hard to imagine a player replacing someone of Turner’s caliber. What do you want to see the Dodgers do?

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  1. On the other hand Turner was vastly underpaid during the time he played with the Dodgers. That didn’t seem to bother management at all.

  2. If its not broken, don’t try to fix it. We won 111 games and just had a glitch in the playoffs. We were and can still be the best team in Baseball. Don’t let a glitch last year, get you to erase what we had and start a new. Maybe change strategies in the postseason and adjust the pitching staff as needed, but don’t mess with the infield.

  3. Keep THE BIG THREE together, until Freddie’s contract ends. Need some stability at the top of the order, where they all understand their roles in the lineup. Trea’s a 5-tool talent with minimum injuries which his body will not degrade as rapidly compared to others. Just watching him play is worth the money, like Mookie. Elite Athletes.

  4. A good healthy team is one that is a balance of young and experienced. Keep the infield. Bring in some younger players and give them more playing time so your veterans don’t get burned out at the end of season. We need a shut down closer and have to fix the outfield

  5. The Dodgers need to sign Trea and shore up that shortstop spot. Friedman should have signed/extended Trea before the season ended. They absolutely cannot put Gavin Lux in at SS. I think the best Lux could hope for is as a utility player. He’s just too inconsistent in the infield (spelled error prone) and also pretty inconsistent hitting. If the Dodgers will not or can not bring back Justin Turner then they need a replacement at 3rd base and I don’t think that should be Max Muncy. I’m not sure where they should put Max. Is he a better 2nd or 3rd baseman???

  6. If fans don’t care about having Turner back they are dumb. It makes no sense. We may not keep him, but losing him will be a big loss.

  7. As we have read with Freddie Freeman signing an agent has a lot to do with possibly where a player signs. So of course the Dodgers obviously want Trea Turner back and I’m sure will offer him a huge contract but it just always isn’t enough to get it done.

  8. Shortstop is one of the positions where a team will sacrifice offense for great defense. Trea Turner brings decent defense with extreme speed, high batting average, consistent power, and good clubhouse and public demeanor. He is one of the rarest baseball talents in the sport. His spot in the lineup protects Betts and Freeman and improves the overall offensive potential. Losing him to free agency will instantly demote the Dodgers to being just another team. They need to realize that if they want to keep Mookie and Freddie and the rest of the team focused on winning, they have to re-sign Trea and find a few important pieces in pitching, and some other places. Bellinger’s weak hitting can be excused if some other consistent players can break into the lineup. I don’t see Muncy as a real replacement for Justin Turner at third, but Justin can’t hold down an everyday role. Gavin Lux has neither the offense nor the defense to replace Trea Turner. He’s a good player, and was the best hitting 9th place batter in baseball, but he isn’t going to hit 300, 25hrs, beat out infield hits, steal bases, all while anchoring down the infield.

  9. The quality and class of a player like Trea Turner is invaluable to any clubhouse. Calm consistency and a beautiful game to watch with Trea. I hope we keep him in the Dodgers family.

  10. A top hitter in the league with speed you can’t let that go … Resign trea

  11. Sign Trea now and don’t let him get away. Mookie, Trea and Freddie at the top of our lineup for 5-6 more years brings stability and consistent hitting and defense. Trea is at least as good as Mookie and worth a similar contract. With Muncy at 3rd and Lux at 2nd and Smith behind the plate, that is a solid lineup we must keep. Sign JT as well for DH and 3rd base. Chris Taylor is already signed and is the perfect utility guy but could start in LF. Austin Barnes is a terrific backup catcher. That is nine very good players. To me, the only unknown is CF. I would love to have Cody come back, work on his swing, and get back to being the everyday CF.

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