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Dodgers: Peeling Back Layers On Why Gavin Lux Will Be A Special Player

Until Gavin Lux arrives in Los Angeles – and it could be soon – the plan for his future is unknown. However, with each passing day; more tidbits of news and quotes make their way out about the young slugger. With each passing day there is more intrigue, such is the way when a young prospect is making his way.

Now, Jorge Castillo of the LA Times has a nice piece on why the intrigue and excitement for Lux’s debut as a big leaguer seems so prominent.

First, check out what former teammate Kyle Garlick says about the young middle infielder.

“He could be something really special,” said Dodgers outfielder Kyle Garlick, who was with Oklahoma City for Lux’s first seven weeks with the club. “Not just like an everyday big leaguer, but possibly an All-Star. I mean, a Hall of Famer. I don’t know. We’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but I think that’s something you can see right now that’s evident.”

Then, Castillo talks about how Lux steadfastly plays through pressure without much worry. Of course, that adds a layer of intrigue. Next in the article comes the part where he talks about the pride he takes in becoming a Los Angeles Dodger. This is where you may really begin to fall for Lux.

Therefore, Lux called his uncle Augie Schmidt each day leading up to the trade deadline. The reason for this? Lux wants to play in Los Angeles.

“I mean, he’s 21,” Schimdt said. “He loves the Dodgers. He dreams about playing in L.A. And for that day to come like that and for it to really hit the fan where it sounded like it was kind of a Lux-or-nothing type of deal, how can he not be a little nervous about it?”

Obviously, you need to click through to the full LA Times article by Castillo to give the writer his due. Moreover, this read on Lux is worth your time; it’s going to get you excited about him putting on a Dodgers uniform.

In closing, check out this quote from Dodgers’ president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman. Simply put, it’s not often you hear these kind of quotes from the Dodgers’ head man.

“He has a real maturity in the batter’s box I don’t think I’ve ever seen from someone that age.”

Now, the only other quote I can recall Friedman really coming close to this one on was when he talked about Alex Verudgo’s baseball intelligence. While that was awesome, this is something completely different.

Very intelligent baseball minds are expecting other-worldly things from Gavin Lux. And in a short amount of time, we will see them play out in full bloom. It’s alright to get excited on this one, we believe.

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  1. Lux should be playing second base right now and leading off which solves two problems. Wake up Mr. Friedman and stop playing the major league service time game. Lux will help win the ultimate prize you’re trying to achieve,a World Series Championship for LA.

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