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Dodgers Plan on Gavin Lux Being An Every Day Player in 2021

The Dodgers might finally be getting what they’ve been hoping for out of Gavin Lux. Once ranked the top prospect in their deep farm system, Lux had one heck of a year in 2020. Some time away from the big league team ultimately culminated in a year he can basically forget about. 

But Lux in Spring Training looks like a whole new person. The Dodgers infielder has come out with the swagger and confidence you rarely see in such a young player. That has resulted in Lux putting up great offensive numbers this Spring while also playing smooth defense ar second base.

On Sunday night in Anaheim, Dave Roberts essentially named Gavin Lux the everyday second baseman. The Dodgers skipper talked about his ability to hit left-handed pitching, coming off of a game in which he went 2-for-3 with a homerun. 

I think that we see Gavin as an everyday guy, right and left. He is going to have some off days throughout the year, and it will most likely be against lefties. But as far as left-handed pitching, he’s always handled them well. 

Lux boosted his Spring Training batting average to .356 with 6 runs driven in. He’s struck out 14 times in 17 games, but Lux has also hit the ball very hard when making contact. The Dodgers have very good reason to be excited about him manning second base. 

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Roberts did clarify that when Lux gets his rest days, it will come against left-handed pitching. One of the biggest questions coming into 2021 was how often Chris Taylor would get starts at second for the Dodgers. It appears that will only happen with the occasional southpaw matchup. 

Opening Day is just around the corner, folks. 

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  1. Gavin Lux stepped out of the Gavin Lux imposter suit, and has become the Gavin Lux we wanted, and could exceed the expectations of the original hoped for version.

  2. Good. Just keep him in the 6-9 spots, not at the top of the order; that belongs to Betts, Seager, and Turner…

  3. Taylor’s 1.15 OPS vs Lux’s .894 OPS this spring, along with Taylor’s superior defensive skills means that Taylor is the better 2B guy, and has the bat that needs to be in the lineup every day.

  4. It’s one thing to be good in the spring and a whole different ballgame in the regular season. I hope he is successful because the Dodgers will be much better if he can hit and handle his position.

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