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Dodgers Players and Coaches React to Trent Grisham’s Extravagant Homerun Celebration

The Padres and Dodgers rivalry is going to be something to watch for years to come. San Diego has completely revamped their lineup and looks like they are around to compete for the long haul. 

That competition boiled over a little bit in the first game of a big series between the two teams on Monday night. Trent Grisham took Clayton Kershaw deep in the bottom of the 6th inning and took his celebration to the net level. Unfortunately, the Dodgers dugout did not take too kindly to Grisham’s reaction. 

After the game, the Dodgers coaches and players talked about the homerun and celebration that followed. Clayton Kershaw downplayed the incident in his postgame press conference, telling media that he wasn’t worried about what they were doing in the other dugout. Manager Dave Roberts did take exception to it though. 

I don’t mind guys admiring a homer; certainly it’s a big game, big hit. I really like (Grisham). But I just felt to overstay at home plate, against a guy like Clayton, who’s got the respect of everyone in the big leagues for what he’s done in this game, I just took exception to that. There’s a certain respect that you give a guy if you homer against him.

We’re all for “letting the kids play” and making the game fun. It’s never fun when it happens to your team, but it’s definitely good for baseball. The best thing the Dodgers can do at this point is come out and win the last two games of the series. 

The Padres have cut the Dodgers lead in the NL West to just 1.5 games after a ridiculous hot streak. Los Angeles will need to win at least one of these games to maintain their lead. 

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  1. The only response is to win. The Dodgers had four hits last night. That ain’t gonna beat anyone. That said, I don’t remember Grisham celebrating so much after last year’s playoffs.

  2. Gisham has no respect. Not for the game, not for the players. He’s like a young punk yelling, IS THAT ALL YOU GOT! HE AIN’T NOTHING! Hope he falls flat on his face. Sorry, that’s just me.

  3. Some bats need to wake up or an early exit is on the horizon. We used to win by rallies in the late innings. Now we are getting beat by big 7,8,9th inning rallies. When your former key hitters are more likely to strike out than get a hit your team is in trouble. Through in an inconsistent bullpen and difficulty in try to find a healthy three starters and we are look in no at a team in trouble. Big question is can Betts, Seager and now Smith carry the team in just the three of them

  4. Typical for a team that has their first good team in years. Nouveau riche the French call it. Joe Kelly would know what to do. Wish he was here.

  5. oh come-on guys…are you grown men or glory-days never-was? the kid hit a hugely important HR against a future HF’er. Sure it’s never smart to rub an opponent’s nose in it, but he was jazzed, is young and just enjoyed HIS moment. The other team’s players also get to enjoy too…

    I know it’s this pretty much season long slump from the core. The players have to be wondering if this same pattern from pretty the past 8+ seasons is who they are…too prideful to force the other team to field honestly and take what those shifts give them. Pederson did it with a bunt the other day. These guys need a reality check. They aren’t hitting for squat…start using your other tools to get something started. The HR binges are and have always been sporadic nmatter if they lead the league in HR’s or not…start playing like professionals not Dave Kingman.

    1. Nope. I’m all for excited reactions to a big hit and getting your team juiced – standing at home plate and looking at your bench without moving ain’t that. It’s a deliberate rub-your-face-in-it move and it isn’t helped by the manager’s disingenuous claim that they respect both the game and opposing team and are just having fun. Playing the game is fun, BS is – well – BS.
      That said, the Dodgers just need to clobber them. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  6. The Dodgers are terrible right now. They can’t hit or pitch. Plus Roberts still makes fund pitching choices he needs to go. They should have made a trade for a starting pitcher at the deadline but management as always messed up. The only thing they have done right is signing Betts to a long term contract.

  7. The Dodgers are terrible right now. They can’t hit or pitch. Plus Roberts still makes fund pitching choices he needs to go. They should have made a trade for a starting pitcher at the deadline but management as always messed up. The only thing they have done right is signing Betts to a long term contract.o

  8. Padres need to act like they’ve been here before,rather than wearing their MIckey Mouse Ears @ Disneyland! Good win….. we still need to get the bullpen to keep them off the bases. Go Blue!

  9. Dodgers won last night, didn’t see any Dodgers doing neener neener neener! No showing off, no doing stupid reactions to the other team. Glad the Dodgers won, they have to keep winning.

  10. Having followed the Dodgers for 67 years now, I appreciate their showing class (plus, how often do the big dogs pay attention to the little yappers at their feet?). Even when you’ve done something, showing up your opponent, is poor form, and the Pods haven’t really done anything yet. I do expect they’ll be around for a while since they’ve bought themselves a pretty good team. Maybe with some success they’ll manifest more class.

  11. Most important here I think is Kershaw blowing off the HR celebration and calling out the team on their lack of energy. The team has looked flat and CK says he doesn’t want to hear about how hard it is to get pumped without the crowd. He went out and pitched a great game only to have DR pull him after two weak contact hits with one out. Kershaw deserved the chance to shut it down. He was pitching great hitting 93 in that 7th inning. DR must figure out how to take the right risks overall. Nice to win the series, but the defense must step it up if we are going to get deep into the playoffs.

  12. A note to critics: Sports is supposed to be fun. Emotion is great. He had a career memory off a Hall of Fame pitcher. He celebrated. Great for him. Get over it!!!

  13. Hey coach, if you really think Clayton deserved the respect for being a great player for what he’s done in the past… why’d you take him out so soon when he was dominating???

    Baseball’s “unwritten rules “ are lame and boring!
    It’s one of the reasons baseball is a fading sport!!!
    Let players have fun and show emotion!

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