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Dodgers Players Defend Brusdar Graterol After the Padres Take Exception

If you happened to miss Game 2 of the NLDS between the Dodgers and Padres, you really missed out. Not only was it one of the most dramatic games of the postseason, but there were plenty of dramatics that went along with it. 

Brusdar Graterol drew the ire of the Padres bench in the 7th inning following a dramatic home run robbery. The Dodgers were up just 1 run when Fernando Tatis Jr crushed a ball to dead center that Cody Bellinger pulled back into the park. Graterol could not contain his excitement as he whipped his had and glove towards the LA dugout in celebration. That’s when Manny Machado started to go off

After the game, several Dodgers coaches and players talked about that inning. Not surprisingly, not one of them felt that Brusdar had overreacted in his excitement. 

I honestly don’t know what happened, I don’t know what Brusdar Graterol did but it’s a big play in a postseason game, so I got Graterol’s back. – Cody Bellinger

Interestingly enough, the Dodgers weren’t the only ones who felt like there was nothing wrong with Graterol’s reaction. The Padres Eric Hosmer talked about the rising tensions in the game afterward. He felt that whether it be Manny Machado’s bat flip or Brusdar’s glove toss, it’s all part of the game

As far as Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is concerned, the matter should be over after tonight’s win. He also didn’t necessarily say whether or not he felt that Graterol’s reaction was appropriate or not. Roberts, if you remember, was the guy that took exception to Trent Grisham’s home run celebration back in September. 

Obviously, it’s a big play. And we all know that Brusdar is very emotional and he just kind of caught up in the moment and was really celebrating Cody’s play. And I think that Manny took exception to it and that was it, but I think it’s over. -Dave Roberts

Mookie Betts was one of the Dodgers players out on the field telling Machado to get back to his dugout. He talked about it after the game as well, and he also took the side of Brusdar Graterol. In short, if Machado gets to celebrate his home run, then Brusdar should get to celebrate the out. 

I just feel like when he hit his homerun he threw the bat and this that and the other. And we take one away, we can celebrate too. So there’s gotta be two sides to it that is just what I would say. 

Dodgers fans certainly felt as though Graterol was warranted in his electric celebration. They took to Twitter all night to fight with Padres fans and MLB fans in general about the issue. What do you think? 

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    1. Machado celebrates his own accomplishments in a selfish fashion. Gatorade celebrates the accomplishments of his teammates. There’s a big difference. Go get em Gatorade. I like the intensity. After he becomes the Dodgers regular closer and logs a couple hundred saves, he’ll probably settle down a little. But you have to have some fire, especially for your teammates. It’s a good thing. Tatis was being criticized for hitting a home run late in a game not too long ago. I have no problem with that either. Let the young guys play. It’s the self glorifying stuff that Machado and others do that bothers me, and merits the high and tight pitches in following at bats.

  1. Regardless of what the other team does, I think it was immature and bush. Save it for when they clinch the series.

    Now everyone’s talking about heated exchange with the hypocrite instead of the play.

  2. Just can’t figure out is why did he take Graterol out of the game he pitched to 4 batters for a total of what 9 pitches and he should have come out in the ninth to pitch .As soon as I saw Jansen come out I couldn’t believe it and new the game was in jeopardy.I know he was the mainstay but it’s time for a change as he just doesn’t have it now .GO DODGERS

  3. I was jumping up and down like a kid when Belli pulled that one back, and I’m 60. It would be hypocritical to get too down on these guys, on both sides, for showing their emotions, especially in that kind of hyper-dramatic situation. Given the context in this crazy time, caring too much about a baseball game feels cathartic.

  4. I think it was Vince Lombardi who said “Act like you’ve been there before and plan on coming back again,” when discussing a TD celebration. It applies to almost every sport.

  5. [email protected]
    Machado has been pulling crap like this since he made it to the Big Leagues. He also ended Dustin Pedroias’ career with the slide into 2nd with his cleats raised to injure. Stay classy Machado.

  6. Something different, went crazy when Kershaw came out to pitch the 6th. He already had about 70 pitches and the game before had over 90 pitches. The 6th is his nemesis. Trust your ball pen. You will need him down the road. Some one should have been ready to come in the 6th.

  7. Grateral’s kiss antic was absolutely uncalled for. Even more dispectable actions by the low class Dodger players starting with Muncy and Bellinger. Machado was right to curse back, what he said were exactly what the Dodger players deserved.

    1. Hey Mr. Hughes, did your parents have any children that lived? How does it feel to root for a franchise that has NEVER won anything?

    2. Hughes, that is hilarious. Not sure what “dispectable” actions are but they sure sound bad.

      You might watch more carefully next time because the only thing Bellinger did was make a tremendous catch. He had no idea what was going on as the video clearly shows. And Grateral certainly went overboard but it was an expression of joy and not directed at your team.

      Perhaps you could also do a search for MANNY MACHADO bad behavior. Just make sure you have plenty of time to read the numerous incidents. What an embarrassment.

      I grew up there so stay classy, Sham Diego.

  8. What do I think? I think Cody Bellinger made theee play of the game and possibly theee play of this series. It deserves to be celebrated on field by his team and it deserves to be acknowledged by his opponents even if not particularly pleased by it.

    The batter uses his best to beat the pitchers best only to himself be beaten by the fielders best. Classic Rock-Paper-Scissors. This is what the postseason play is about. I tip my aging cap to all three. Show me more tonight.

  9. Machado’s reaction is in keeping with his behavior when he was with the Dodgers and his comments on hustling. In other words, Manny can show up Kersh with a bat flip, but Graterol can’t be excited by a good play backing him up. Seems to me like typical Manny logic, it don’t have to make sense, don’t have to be consistent, as log as Manny is happy. Plus, it also seems to me, Manny doesn’t care about the kids watching the game, perhaps looking to him as an example of a Padre player, when he freely drops F- Bombs.

  10. From what I’ve seen on twitter most of other mlb fans seem to be against Manchado actually. Only fans that seem to side with ups fans are giants fans, but they’re giant fans so nobody cares what they think

  11. Anyone criticizing Graterol’s celebration needs to understand, that ball went over the fence and gave San Diego the lead! So when Bellinger ran out there about half a mile, leapt over the fence and brought it back, it totally saved the game, and especially Graterol. I would have went nuts too! And I also understand how Machado felt, he really wants to win this too, but his reaction looked bad. I sure he knows it as well.

  12. Machado celebrates hitting HR off of Kershaw in the 6th, practically flipping his bat into the stands, cussing to fire up his boys in the dugout, and beating his chest as he ran the bases. Not more than a half an inning later, Graterol celebrates Bellinger’s unbelievable catch (which is, thus far, one of this post season’s most amazing plays) and Machado has the audacity to, what amounts to, freak out on Graterol…how absurd and hypocritical. Whatever.

  13. Roberts will “rethink Janson’s role…”. How about rethinking his coaching practice of leaving all his pitchers
    in too long after they show trouble. It has cost us more games than fielding errors! Then, there is carrying players who are not excellent defenders and who are struggling at bat because they WERE so good. Maybe it’s time to rethink manager whose decisions seem more emotional than intellectual!

  14. Harmless and yes as Eric Hosmer says – the game is changing as of course it is meant to be. One can easily cite the law of impermanence. This is good for baseball!

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