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Dodgers Projected to Draft Another Max Muncy…Literally

The first round of the 2021 MLB draft is set to kick off on Sunday as part of the All-Star week. Knowing the Dodgers and their history of success in the draft, there are going to be some names to keep an eye on over the next week. 

The mock drafts that have come out over the past few days have the Dodgers all over the place. Once you get beyond the first few draft picks, the route that teams will go gets a little less predictable. But Fangraphs had a pretty fun projection for Los Angeles in the first round. 

Eric Longenhagen and Kevin Goldstein had the Dodgers going with a high school shortstop out of Thousand Oaks with the 29th overall pick. They do have a recent history of rolling the dice by going with a high school pick early, and it’s paid off.  

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But that’s not what has Dodgers fans buzzing about this projection. It’s the fact that his name is Max Muncy. That’s right, MAX MUNCY. Obviously, they could go a number of directions, but you can’t help but laugh thinking about the chance they would go with another Max Muncy. 

Even weirder, both Max’s were born on August 25th. Talk about freaky. The Dodgers are a high-class organization that puts years of effort and research into draft picks. So will they pick a guy simply based on his name? Probably not…but maybe. 

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  1. That another Max Muncy with the same birthday. Wow that is kind of weird. I can’t wait

  2. I can just imagine everything working out, put both Muncy’s in the line up back to back, and give the younger Muncy 31 just to make it worse.

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