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Dodgers: Red Sox Avoid Major Penalty for Alleged Cheating against Los Angeles

MLB has been deliberating on the Boston Red Sox punishment for their part in an electronic sign-stealing scandal for months now. It took a long time for a number of reasons, despite the fact that the bigger Astros scandal was wrapped up early in the year after a much shorter investigation. The Dodgers and their fans have been waiting to hear the findings of the report after already being cheated out of a World Series in 2017. 

Rob Manfred and the league determined that the main culprit in the scandal was not anyone in the Red Sox’ front office or even manager Alex Cora. The report named the team’s video system operator as the primary person on which the blame will be placed, much to the chagrin of Dodgers fans. 

Many players told my investigators that they were unaware that in-game sign decoding from the replay station had been prohibited in 2018 and 2019.

As a result of the findings, the punishments will be very light for the Red Sox organization. The league suspended JT Watkins, the replay systems operator, and docked the team one second-round pick in the upcoming MLB draft. Alex Cora has also been suspended through the competition of the 2020 season, but only for his role with the Astros. His suspension is not related to his time with the Red Sox or the league’s investigation into the team.

It’s important to note here that in the report, the league did not find any signs of cheating or use of illegal systems during the 2018 postseason. All of that to say, the Dodgers were bested in the World Series in a straightforward manner, as opposed to the Astros. The league also found that the Red Sox use of electronic sign-stealing was ‘less egregious’ than the Astros. 

The league ultimately decided that Watkins acted as a rogue employee and that he was not following the instruction of any coach, player, or executive. 

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  1. yeah ok. Cora had no idea it’s just a coincidence that he was a main culprit in Houston and then someone in Boston was caught cheating.. sure. Rob Mansplain covering things up again. Cora was obviously coordinating with the video system operator and obviously players are lying, they were knowingly benefiting from it or else there’d be no crime

  2. Nice guys finish last. Why were we the only big team that didn’t have a system? Or maybe our system isn’t as good, maybe so poor that there was no suspicions whatsoever. Time to get with the times if you want to win a championship and no one will be suspecting anything because we haven’t been under investigation before. Yankees did it in 2015 and were told to stop, Astros and Redsox did it and won. We’re the Dodgers lets go

    1. You should be ashamed. This is another of your posts where you’re on the wrong end. Why suggest the Dodgers should cheat? Or that they aren’t good cheaters. You have your priorities all wrong dude!

      1. Nice guys finish last snowflake. Let me know how well playing clean has done for the Dodgers. Assuming they’re clean and not just incompetent at cheating too

  3. What a load of BS. Oh I didn’t know is not a good reason to not be punished. So all they have to do is lie and poof no penalty. The commissioner needs to resign.

  4. The Repay Systems guy??? Really??? He just got a six figure bonus. Winners win! Cheaters cheat! Some day Karma will get you all! Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose cheated the game less than these guys. Commisoner you should be embarrassed. If your going to slap hands for the REAL cheaters, you need to get Pete into the Hall of Fame!

  5. A few writers begging Dodgers to deal for cheating mookie.Well Sox cheated Dodgers,I’m sure just like Astros but moron Manfred said it wasn’t like astros,That’s bull……!Dumb friedman dealt for a cheater we’ll 2 cheaters that cheated against his team.MAGIC TIME TO GROW SOME B…S AND DO THE RIGHT THING AND FIRED THIS FRIEDMAN AND ROBERTS TOO.

  6. I use to like Alex Cora. MLB rules are all a shamble. this isn’t right. The rules and the punishments have to be changed to fit the crime, and it is a crime for MLB to let this slide.

  7. ”I’m sorry your Honor, I did not realize that homicide was against the law. Had I know I would not have been killing people.”

    “Totally understandable sir, go and sin no more!”

  8. No amount of cheating caused the Dodgers to lose in 2018. Bringing in guys like Madson did that. In 2018, the Dodger got beat in the managing and executing department, completely. 2017, the Dodger were literally robbed of the title, but the blame for 2018 rest solely with the Dodgers. 2019, they win 106 and lose so badly in the first round. That is second to the Mariners 116 win season then not making the World Series.

    1. The Dodgers were shut down in 2017. You got to hit to win. Can’t keep playing blame game. Dodgers were also accused by a couple of teams that year of cheating. Who knows? The Dodgers have a good enough team to win it all. Just play a little better when it counts.

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