Dodgers: 5 Players Fans Wish Were Never Wore Blue, Burning the Astros, Yasiel Puig’s Long Offseason, and More!

MLB offseason 2.0 gives fans (and news sites) alike the opportunity to think a little outside the box at a time when Dodger baseball would be our usual day-to-day.

Recently, a lot of you spoke out and listed your 5 Dodgers you wish were never on the team, but the list went well beyond only 5…

5 Dodgers That Fans Wish Were Never on the Team

The comments across the internet went so deep, we might have to make a follow up.

Nevertheless, while we’re not exactly saying those players were hated Dodgers, per se, but we know one group that fans absolutely hate… the Astros. Now, thanks to a great artist, we’re able find a new and exciting way to flaunt our distaste for the cheaters.

Dodgers Community: Interview With Ravine Rockers’ T-Shirt Designer

Beyond that, our beloved Bulldog Orel Hershiser recently talked about the long-term timeline ramifications the Astros caused Los Angeles. This episode of “Off Air with Joe and Orel” is a serious tear-jerker.

Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Goes Off on the Astros’ Cheating Scandal

Speaking of the offseason, one free agent is still in his. Old friend Yasiel Puig is back in the news after revealing another team that offered him a contract, plus he shared his thoughts on the up-in-the-air 2020 MLB season.

MLB News: Yasiel Puig Received Offers, But Does Not Think There Will Be a 2020 Season

Reminder, that contract offer wasn’t the only one Yasiel rejected this offseason…

Former Dodgers All-Star Yasiel Puig Remains Unsigned, Reportedly Turned Down $10M

Add one more team that at least kicked around the tires.

Dodgers: A Deep Dive into the Giants Potentially Signing Yasiel Puig

And finally on the topic of Puig, DodgersNation.com recently chatted with former Dodger and current SNLA analyst Jerry Hairston about the enigmatic former LA outfielder who he compared to an all-time GOAT.

Dodgers: Jerry Hairston Compares Yasiel Puig to Michael Jordan

Quick Hitters

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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Confirms Front Office Does Not Make Lineup, Mostly.

Dodger Stadium Renovation: Vin Scully Talks Us Through Ballpark Construction

Stay safe, Dodgers Nation!

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