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Dodgers Replace Trevor Bauer’s Bobblehead Night With New Giveaway

The Dodgers faced a really tough spot with the Trevor Bauer situation. Obviously, the entire situation is a tough spot for the team to be in as they wait out investigations by MLB and the local authorities. 

But they also knew they had to pull Bauer’s bobblehead giveaway scheduled for August 19th against the Mets. With everything happening, the Dodgers knew keeping the giveaway scheduled wouldn’t be a great look. 

But the team also probably knew that fans bought tickets for that night in anticipation of a good giveaway. Some Dodgers fans even paid a little extra for their tickets just to make sure they could get the bobblehead. So that left the club in a position where they were doing the right thing but also upsetting fans. 

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But the good news is that they appear to have found a solution. The Dodgers will pivot to give away a Clayton Kershaw World Champion T-shirt on the night they were supposed to give out Bauer‘s bobble. 

That’s great news for Dodgers fans that were hoping to get out to the game that day. Especially for those that paid a premium to go to a game with a bobblehead scheduled. Bauer is currently being investigated for felony assault and still waiting on a decision from MLB. 

MLB just extended his leave to July 27th, which required the approval of the MLBPA as well. 

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  1. I’m sick of reading anything about “Rough Sex Bauer”and the love affair that Dodger fans have for him in this blog.Remove the cancer!

    1. This whole situation with Bauer may end up with Dodgers deciding just to release him thereby swallowing $80 million left on his deal. They could attempt to void his contract but I’m sure a grievance would be filed by Bauers side. But in order to move on, releasing may be an only recourse the Dodgers have. They definitely must now consider moving on without him for the rest of this year.

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