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Dodgers: Roberts Still Thinks Kenley Jansen Pitched Very Well in the Loss

The Dodgers just lost for the 6th time in 8 games on Monday night. They never held the lead and the Reds pitching absolutely shut down the offense, aside from Corey Seager’s late 2-run blast. 

When it came time for extra innings, Dave Roberts chose to go with his closer pitching on a day of rest. Kenley Jansen came into the game and immediately gave up a 2-run shot to put the Dodgers behind for good. 

Rather than choose to recognize the failure on Jansen’s part to keep the game tied, Doc credited Jesse Winker. The Reds outfielder took a 92 mph cutter on the outside corner deep to left to give Cincinnati a 2-run lead in the 10th inning. 

He [Winker] put a good swing on it. So yeah, I think Kenley is throwing the baseball really well this year. I think he had that one hiccup in Oakland but outside of that, he’s been very good. Obviously, there was an inherited runner at second base and he gave up a homerun, and that’s going to happen. 

It obviously wouldn’t make sense for Roberts to blast Jansen for not getting the job done. But given his history of sticking with Jansen through all of his peaks and valleys, it certainly didn’t go over well with Dodgers fans. 

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Jansen coming in and allowing the lead to slip away is a tough one to defend. He obviously had the inherited runner due to the extra innings rule, but Kenley also gave up a blast. It almost feels like it would have been more forgivable for Dodgers fans had he just allowed the inherited runner to come across. 

The Dodgers have some work to do all across the team, but the bullpen is a concern. 

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    1. I agree Roberts is a terrible manager ! No aggression just a puppet. Makes terrible moves and never ever gets called out by them. Probably considered in todays times politically incorrect !

  1. This is not the first time he blow out a game he is doing it side last two years I tink that roberts is n love with janssen that is why he likes him so much I I think that they should get rid of roberts rios janssen and barnes

  2. Just shows how clueless Roberts is. His decisions are good for at least 10-15 losses a year.

  3. The Dodgers offense is Still struggling. Don’t look now but the “small people” are tied for first-place in the NL-West with the Dodgers. Jansen should NOT be the closer.

  4. Dave Roberts is clueless at the present time. Yes, Kenley gave up the HR Twitter the runner on2nd but what’s the use with Jansen if he needs more than a day or 2 rest between outings? Roberts is also clueless about this pathetic offense which along with this pathetic BP will evently take this team out of the top position and again it’s still early but this current team may very well find themselves at home when October comes around and out of PS

  5. Will someone please call the white coats to remove these two from the ballpark. Last night only confirms the DR-KJ theory of game throwing. Time for a real change. Now!!


    1. It’s Rios and Raley that need to be sent packing first. I will make this short and sweet so to speak–this team is awful at the moment and so is Roberts and his lame reactions as to whats currently happening.
      Some managers have what it takes
      And some managers just have excuses!!!!!

      1. And add Roberts and Jansen to that list too!!!
        Why guys like Muncy and Smith do not swing at first and second pitch strikes is beyond me.

  7. Again, the Dodger hitters continue to get hit by pitches while Roberts and our pitchers sit idly by with no retaliation or any kind of message returning .Roberts and this team are presently showing how GUTLESS they are!

  8. I think it was the full moon. And I agree that Rios and Raley need to go back down to the minors. Bring up some kids that want to prove they belong

  9. Just can’t trust him in a big game. The lineup is pathetic.4 automatic outs and a clean up hitter looking to walk! Look at some averages and you have to laugh. We never got the RH bat and a closer we needed. We made our bed and now we have to lie in it! Sad.

  10. He’s the only one that thinks that. And another thing, where’s Keibert Ruiz? No one else can hit. He’s a switch hitter. They couldn’t use a switch hitter off the bench?

  11. The front brass needs to do some scavenger hunting for quality experience batting reserves who can hit, field and stop dreaming that Rios, Raley, Peters and Neuse will cut it. Don’t understand why they didn’t sign any free agent experienced field players to fill the roster.

  12. Getting tired of talking about Kenley___tired of hoping___ just tuning out when he comes in. Game over___with a lost. DR got to start manufacturing runs because the team sure not hitting only KOing @ critical times with runners on base. One example was Muncy on 3rd, Lux on 1st, 2 outs and Rios batting with a KO looming in a close game. Shift is on with no one close to 2nd, 3rdbaseman nowhere in sight close to 3rd, 1stbase playing off. Easy run w/ Lux running to steal or slowing down and Muncy scoring w/ that lead 1/3 down the line. Game would have been won w/ out going into extras.

  13. Who calls the pitches? You cannot be calling the same pitch and location 3 times in a row. I have noticed that all season long. I.e. pitching to Machado all outside/low pitches. Eventually he will hit them. Move the pitches around, inside/outside, up/down.

  14. We can all imagine what the late great Tommy Lasorda would say to that question , and to Robert” answer. It wouldn’t be printable!

  15. Who calls the pitches? Same location 3 times in a row? Runner on third, batter looks for high pitch to hit in the outfield to score the runner.

  16. It’s a game that’s fun to play. If you are the best hitter, like Turner, bingo, you get the day off as a reward. Whoever has the hot bat, gets to cool off, if your’e slumping, you get to play. Welcome Dodger reality.

    1. Yes, the season is long and I understand giving some guys rest. However, when you are getting beat up, at least give your team a chance by keeping your best players in to get out of the slump.

  17. None are so foolish to make the same dumb mistake…again and again.
    Rather than trying to hit the hone run every time, why not spray a base hit and get some guys on base?
    When they do the shift, lay down the bunt on the 3rd base side! Good grief! Try something different occasionally!

  18. Coach Roberts has a very difficult time with trying to keep a bunch of egos in check and winning some ball games but please coach quit making the same stupid mistakes with the same people. Edwin Rios needs to go back down to A ball and learn baseball all over again. Kenley jansen needs to go out maybe once a week then sit his tired arm down. I am 73 and I for one am sick and tired of all the analytics in baseball and order a batter to lay one down for the team once in awhile. The dodgers are returning to 2019 when everybody thought that launch angle was so freakin important. Please just go out and play baseball

  19. Roberts has to be kidding with remarks like that, Kenley’s mechanics are all off, anyone can see that, one day he’s throwing 95 mph balls two days later he’s throwing weak in the 80s and hes all over the place, its almost like he is injured, as you cant explain it otherwise,

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