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Dodgers Rumors: Giants Could Get in the Mix in Carlos Correa Sweepstakes

The Giants and Dodgers continue to go head-to-head even during the off-season. While the Giants remain a possible destination for Aaron Judge, among the new names to keep an eye on is Carlos Correa who may find himself in the NL West after all.

The decision for where Judge will end up can happen within the next week and if Judge were to decide to stay with the Yankees, the Giants will then shift their focus to Correa. The Dodgers are also in need of shortstop and while Correa to the Dodgers is something most fans aren’t ready to have happen, there’s no bad blood for Correa and the Giants.

The rumors have caused a stir and MLB insiders believe Judge’s decision can ultimately impact where Correa can end up (via MLB).

“I think the Giants would pivot to a shortstop [if they don’t get Judge],” Feinsand said on MLB Network. “If they were to sign a big shortstop, Carlos Correa feels like the kind of franchise guy that they could sign if they don’t get Judge and really try to build around him.”

The shortstop market has gotten more intriguing with the Brewers clarifying Corbin Burnes and Willy Adames are off the table for trades. This leaves just the top shortstops available with Trea Turner likely signing elsewhere.

With the Giants now coming in for Correa, this limits the Dodgers even more and perhaps Gavin Lux will be the only option worth mentioning for the team.

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  1. The Brewers are bluffing. They are doing what all teams do by trying to maximize there return in trades. If the dodgers offer Prospects (Vargas,Busch,Pepiot and Grove) that’s two infield and two pitchers. They’ll do it. These four prospects are currently blocked by other players on the roster. So it makes since. It’s up too Friedman and Gasten to pull the trigger.

  2. The Brewers are maximizing their profits. Teams become more desperate as the trade deadline approaches. Dodgers are on a path for mid season desperation.

  3. Dodgers should spend whatever it takes for Trea Turner. What is their problem? Padres have met with him twice! Dodgers can’t afford to loose anymore offensive. Touted youngbloods haven’t proved anything yet.

  4. That would be something if Mr. Cheater ended up in SF. The rivalry would be even more intense.

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