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Dodgers Rumors: Popular Trade Package with Brewers Gets Nixed by MLB Insider

The Dodgers have yet to come up with a decisive plan to replace Trea Turner and it just got a little bit harder. Among the options the team could have gone after to replace Turner in the event he leaves, and for a cheaper option, included Brewer’s shortstops Corbin Burnes and Willy Adames.

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, the Brewers announced they don’t plan on moving Burnes or Adames this off-season leaving the Dodgers in a bigger hole than expected. If the Dodgers still choose to prioritize other positions of need, in order to fill the shortstop position they will have to pay top dollar for some of the highest ranked free agents.

If the Dodgers still choose to stick with the game plan, they can also run with Gavin Lux at shortstop this season. An option that the team has been openly comfortable with running with, but of course, there will be some adjustments to taking away the All-Star level of production in Turner.

Maybe now is the time for the Dodgers to take a pivot and make the best efforts to bring Turner back. Of course, Turner leaving hasn’t been solidified just yet but the priorities look to lie on the team bringing in a top pitcher.

Lux can provide help for shortstop position and perhaps the team can make a trade during the season. While the team may remain quite in the position during free agency, there’s still plenty of time for an upgrade at the position if the Dodgers choose to do so.

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  1. I don’t get the fascination with Adames. Sure he’s hit a bunch more HRs but his slash line is remarkably similar to Lux. In my mind this is not much – if any – of an upgrade.

  2. The biggest issue is replacing Turners bat. If we got a good hitting outfielder that would replace Turners bat and fill a different area of need.

  3. Read the mlb speed/age profile article on mlb. It shows that Turner is a freak of nature and his speed is holding like few have ever done.

  4. I don’t believe that the main objective for the Dodgers is Adames. I think that the Dodgers want Burnes more but will throw in some prospects to get Adames and Burnes. Also, it appears that the Brewers want to unload Yelich’s contract ( what is it, like 27 million a year) and perhaps the Dodgers would have to take the remainder of that contract.

  5. Safe to say that Lux at SS would mean more offense somewhere else. We saw them make a run at Wong and loose out to the Mariners. They still have opportunities at 2b, SS and in the outfield. Makes the case for making up for lost Trea offense in any of the holes they fill if Trea walks. Nothing new but very interesting.
    deGrom signing doesn’t really help us does it? I wonder if we shouldn’t be more decisive about what we want to do and be more aggressive about getting it done? Andrew always waits for the market to establish itself!

    1. I agree… Fastest guy in the league and they want to let him go???? FOOLISH!
      Keeping Dave Roberts is foolish too! He doesn’t know how to win. The talent wins in spit of his ineptness!!!

  6. Andrew is always trying the cheap route sometimes I think that he still thinks he’s with the rays still

  7. Lux is not the answer his defense at second was bad no arm strength for SS we need to try to keep Trea

    1. I fully agree here. Dodgers have the means to get one of the SS on the market, thus keeping Lux at 2nd. Besides, the pressure Lux will endure trying to replace Turner may be considerable and his play could suffer as a result.

  8. Josh Hader wasn’t available until he was last year. Never say never. We have a plethora of what the Brewers covit. Young Controllable talent at all positions.

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