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Dodgers Rumors: Los Angeles Has Talked to the Cubs About Multiple Players

The obvious need for the Dodgers right now is starting pitching. Every other team in the league knows that and will be using that as leverage against them as the trade deadline approaches this week. 

But as Andrew Friedman has said multiple times leading up to this Friday, the Dodgers will consider diving into relievers as well. Adding to the bullpen could take some stress off of the rotation and allow for guys like David Price and Josiah Gray to remain as starters. 

That’s what makes this latest rumor so intriguing. According to MLB Network’s Jon Morosi, the Dodgers have had conversations with the Chicago Cubs about multiple available players on their roster. That includes closer Craig Kimbrel. 

Los Angeles obviously has their closer in Kenley Jansen, but adding Kimberl in could dramatically change the makeup of their bullpen. It would also ease up a lot of the pressure on younger guys brought in to fill the gaps for the Dodgers this year. 

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The most interesting part of that rumor though is the fact that the Dodgers have talked about several players. The Cubs have a few guys they are likely to let go of by Friday, including Kris Bryant and possibly some of their arms. 

The Dodgers could look to add one of their starters like Zach Davies. They could also check in on Kyle Hendricks, though his years under contract may appeal to Chicago. But if they were able to swing a deal that included Kris Bryant, that would drastically change the Los Angeles lineup. 

Bryant is not one of the guys that was specifically mentioned in the rumor, but he’s definitely available in his final year before free agency. 

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  1. Rumors, and that’s all these are. The deadline now is less than 48 hours away and we all knew that other teams will use that starting pitcher need as a leverage against them as this page suggests. I am not sure a significant deal can get done that doesn’t require Ruiz as part of it. And that may even be for just a rental piece. But Freidman did say that Ruiz won’t be dealt for just a renttalplayer.

  2. Yeah I really like the idea of adding Bryant back when Rios got hurt & out for the yr. With his animosity towards the Cubs and asking for a trade, & even in his walk yr., I thought he could be the big RH bat and versatility on the field to spell JT and the injuries to the outfield. He and along w/ Kimbrel would be a big addition to the team. Bryant, a versatile fielder and a contact hitter w/ power is badly needed to balance the line-up. Bryant has even stated he’s willing to extend w/ a winning team. Go get both of them.

      1. That’s the problem with the Dodger’s farm system. They brought up all these players (both pitchers and fielders) to fill in for the main guys who were injured and they showed that they cannot perform on the major league level. Look at Lux. He was suppose to be a top prospect and his defense is suspect and his batting is pathetic especially against LHP. We have no one in the farm system except for Rios and Gray who any team would want to trade for. Need to trade quality to get quality although the Padres seem to be doing pretty well with their trading abilities recently and the past year.

      2. IDK, but if you’re just that close to get over the hump w/ a quality piece or two and you’re looking for a championship, you have to help your team. The Cubs are tanking to rebuild, where both sides can be open to negotiations. We don’t know the potential development or the medical history of every player, but the Dodgers will do their due diligence. Look @ past WS winners, each team had that one guy that made the difference, ie. Chapman/Cubs, Verlander/Astros, Kendrick/Nats, Mookie/Dodgers. Each team sacrificed quality to get that championship.

  3. Kimbrel and Bryant sounds very good. They will both bring World Series Championship experience and will fit in great with the other players.

  4. Getting Kimberl and Bryant would cost Dodgers Ruiz and a few others. Issue is both are rentals unless Dodgers can extend at least 1 of them. Dodgers have initially made it known that Ruiz wouldn’t be dealt for just a rental so as they say, WSS.

    1. Like I explained above, if you’re that close to winning another championship these 2 guys will jump start the team immensely. These are the kind of guys we have been clamoring for the whole yr. and when the opportunity arises a smart GM will find all options to go get them. The addition of these 2 guys already having playoff championship experience will make the Dodgers so dynamic, it will put fear into the opponents. The core of the Dodgers are @ their prime yrs. w/ others on the back side of their careers. There are also key guys up for free agency after this yr., so they must make it happen this year. Rentals or not, if you want a championship the FO must make the right moves or we wait and hope for another year w/ our favorite players gone. Take the chance & win it this year.

  5. We are 20 games over .500 with many players ready to come back. Our so called problems will disapear. Bryant would slide into LF and spell JT at third. But Ruiz would need to be in the deal. Same with Kimbrel. And Cody Hoese and Busch will be in conversations too. But–When Seager is back the “need” for Bryant is gone. And Kimbrel has stated in times past “closer only” for him. A potential clubhouse cancer. So Cubbies should be no dice.That kind of leaves starting pitchers. Scherzer would be a plus for any team. But at what cost? He looks like he has a couple more #1, #2 caliber years. But do we kick in Ruiz if he is just a rental? Not so sure that would be a good idea. So I feel like maybe with Kershaw close, Knebel close, and Graterol back— we should stand pat. Bellinger has looked more like his self, Mookie coming back. Price has looked good. Unless an overwhelming deal appears–lets stand pat.

  6. I have to look that up. We will only have 1 or 2 openings as Seager is is ready and Betts Sunday. This charged lineup is unbeatable

    1. To make room, you send Raley, McKinstry, or Beaty down; dfa McKinney; White sent back when Kershaw comes back…..a lot of room. I see online every contender making big moves, staying status quo now will leave you behind the movers and shakers.

  7. Honestly – I am a true blue Dodger fan, the dodgers should let the trade dead line pass with out doing anything. WHY, 1. Only 2 to 3 guys even hit the ball per game 2. Out side of some pitching starters and or relievers our total pitching sucks we give up more than we take in runs. 3. We paid a very high price for someone that is morally retarded (starting pitcher) and now we are hand cuffed to its fate. 4. Defense, Batting, Pitching combined. Just suck. The Dodger will not see the post season this year I would scuddle the team to rebuild and focus of trashing the farm system to rebuild in 2025. Save the cash

  8. Somebody will be sure they can get Bellinger back on track. Let them have him. He’ll never get close to where he was. He’s simply not that same young enthusiastic clean cut son of a major leaguer anymore Physically he looks like he just walked out an opium den. In addition, he’s about to raise a child with a party girl that was discarded by Giancarlo Stanton. As they say, his emphasis is on the wrong sylobble these days….
    Although you can’t tell Dave that. I’m sure that hanger he hit last night was the beginning of him coming out of his two year slump ? Back in the 5 spot. MEH.

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