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Dodgers Rumors: MLB Insider Suggests Mets Could Be Big Players in Julio Urias Sweepstakes

Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias is heading into his final season under contract with Los Angeles, coming off two outstanding seasons and looking to head into free agency on a high note. If his 2023 is anything like his 2021 and 2022 seasons, he’ll be a highly coveted pitcher on next offseason’s market.

Over at the New York Post, MLB insider Jon Heyman writes about players who could be targets of the Mets and their owner, Steve “Daddy Warbucks” Cohen, next year.

Julio Urias
He’ll be the top pitcher on the market next year (unless you count [Shohei] Ohtani as a pitcher, and perhaps even then), he’s young, he’s clutch. Don’t disregard.

As always, it’s worth noting that Urias is a Scott Boras client, and Heyman has somewhat of a history of … well … let’s just charitably say he sometimes passes along information from the Boras camp in such a manner to make him more a part of the Boras marketing team than a reporter. So this could just be an early example of Boras marketing his client by linking him to the richest owner in the sport.

Still, it makes sense, because Urias will be one of the top pitchers on the market next year, and the Mets will still have a rich owner who loves throwing his money around.

We’ve talked recently about the possibility of the Dodgers signing Urias to an extension before he hits free agency, and while it’s unlikely, it’s not as unprecedented as some Boras critics would have you believe. If Julio does end up testing the free agency waters, though, it’s going to be quite a bidding war.

For now, let’s just hope Julio has such a good season this year that he makes the bidding war happen.

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Jeff Snider

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  1. Imagine that,the Mets ++c o u l d++ be big playas in Julio Urias sweepstakes.So will a lot of other teams! Hopefully it will be the Dodgers that will be spending good money on him!

  2. I wrote the front office two years ago and urged them to pay the top players (Urias was my main point) FOR their prime years, not BECAUSE OF their prime years. Everyone in the league knew how good this kid is. Pay him NOW so that you don’t have to pay him when he’s in his late 30’s. Those kind of contracts are franchise killers (looking at you SD). At the time, Urias was 26. So a high AAV on an eight-year deal would end at 34. Now, that same deal will end at age 36. Will he even be a top pitcher then? Will he be pitching at all? Because he will sure be paid like one. This is the mistake Friedman is making with the top talent who are still in their arbitration years.

  3. The way the Dodgers have been operating the team, with the exception of Betts and Freeman they could be looking like the A’s , and Ray’s .

  4. Not as unprecedented? Name one Boras player the Dodgers signed to an extension before they hit free agency. Unless they’re injured or fall off the map like Belli, Boras takes them to free agency and asks for the world. Julio is gone after this season and it will probably be to the Mets as I said in several past posts.

  5. Dodgers are one racist team..They pay on the cheap side on Hispanics…. Hopefully we keep Julio although probably will not happen..

    1. Was this post generated by a bot? Surely you’ve heard of Adrian Gonzales. Stop with the lazy defamation.

  6. The Dodgers probably have a short window to sign Julio to an extension (before the Allstar break?). If not he’s gone. Heck, if Dodgers are seriously going after Ohtani, Urias is gone anyway. Unless of course, none of the Dodgers phenoms arms pan out. Good job calling out Heyman BTW Jeff.

    1. If they don’t sign him before the season to an extension, it might be, as was said, “hasta la vista, baybee.”

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