Dodgers Rumors: Rollins Drawing Interest at 2B

With Corey Seager’s emergence with one of baseball’s brightest futures, Jimmy Rollins finds himself on the outside looking in. As a shortstop, he has zero chance to return to L.A., but might be play on the other side of second base?

Rollins has slipped athletically as Father Time remains undefeated and had a disappointed 2015 campaign for the Dodgers, so he pretty much has to remain flexible if he wants to stay in baseball.

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This, via Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports:

The Dodgers have said — and repeated — that they are comfortable with what they have at second, so Rollins returning next season is pretty much out of the question at this point.

While players go through down years, by all reports Rollins remained a professional and continues to do so as he sounds willing to do whatever it might take to remain in MLB.

All we can do is wish him luck moving forward.

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  1. I love LA, bleed blue even in football season watch MLB daily. I’m very surprised by how were moving forward in putting this 2016 team together. My desire hopes is to have Vinny call another world series championship in his final year. That may be one reason I’d do what current management is not. Add high price talent. I still feel were not capable of scoring runs daily. We need a table setter hum, oh he is in Miami (second baseman) a clutch hitter keeping a rally going on a strong right hander, oh he is in Miami too. I see trade, if we could get these guys, yeah it will take the farm, we’ve stock pilled some talent, the media has stated still something up the sleeve of the Dodgers. We need a transistor radio day at the ball park, get a sponsor and let Vinny hear us, we love him and I’ve been dreading the day he retires for 10 yeas now. Let’s win this thing, the whole thing, all the way LA. Maybe a left fielder too, am I asking for too much?
    Wow imagine Dee Gordon lead off then you place the remainder, I would like to see Upton in Left, a back up at 1st and 3rd. Were good to go, print the tickets…..game time!! Is it spring time yet?

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