Dodgers Rumors: Will LA Trade Gavin Lux? Insider Proposes Deal with A’s for All Star

It was a season of ups and downs for Dodgers infielder Gavin Lux. From being given a runway at second base to start the season, to injuring himself running into the centerfield wall towards the end of it. The ‘Kid from Kenosha’ struggled at the plate through his first 85 games of the season but finished the season strong after being called up after a two-week stint at Triple-A OKC.

After slashing .221/.302/.340 with a 78 wRC+ and a 23.4% strikeout rate before being optioned, Lux slashed .360/.467/.500 with a 162 wRC+ and a much improved 13.3% strikeout rate to finish the regular season. Lux was able to solve the mechanical issues with his swing thanks to the quick trip to minors and his growth as a hitter was undeniable down the stretch. From simplified swing mechanics to a more poised approach at the plate, Lux had his best 17-game stretch of his young big-league career.

Further, Lux flashed the potential as a future utility man, having played both middle infield spots to go along with left field and center. We break down Gavin Lux’s season and discuss if the Dodgers will consider dangling him in trade talks this offseason.

Next, as is the case every offseason, the Dodgers once again find themselves at the center of a number of trade rumors. According to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, LA recently ‘engaged in trade talks’ with the Cincinnati Reds about two of their All-Star right-handed pitchers Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray. For LA to get a deal done for one or both frontline starters, they would likely have to include their former top prospect, Gavin Lux. We discuss if the Dodgers should include Lux in a deal for Castillo and or Gray or if they would be wise to hold on to him. Plus, we react to an MLB insider’s trade proposal that would send Oakland A’s All-Star first baseman, Matt Olson, to the Dodgers in a package surrounded by Gavin Lux.


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Dodgers really cannot afford to trade Lux because by 2023 they could have lost BOTH T Turner and Seager to free agency.. And that would leave a HUGE middle infield hole especially if Dodgers so stupidly let CT3 walk this year.

    1. Paul … Let’s be perfectly honest; Lux would not be difficult to replace. That may change in 2 years but its true now.

      1. My point being that Trea Turner from what I heard wants to go backveast for any long term deal. But like I saidsaid,said said, may be needed because both Seager an T Turner will be gone after 2022. Sure he may not be hard to replace now but I don’t see anyone that promising on the farm other than maybe Michael Busch

      1. Dodgers do not have a lot to trade with.

        Trea and betts may actually be their best bet to get rid of money and get needs filled.

        And since trea won’t be around after next year, then use him get what you need,

        Since they don’t have trade depth they need the money to sign decent free agents, otherwise you are stuck with the cheapest free agents like mckinney and souza (those were only the only free agent they could get during the season for nothing anf not add much to the payroll, but unfortunately it doesn’t explain why beatty didn’t play more, a DR failure?).

        1. Are you psychic or something? What makes you so sure that Trea will be gone? I for one think that you are absolutely wrong. He will be our shortstop for the forseable future.

          1. On MLBN, it was reported Trea mentioned not wanting a long term deal on the West Coast. But if somehow Dodgers re-sign Seager, Trea will definitely leave because he won’t want to commit to playing 2nd base long term.

  2. Before coming up, and at the end of the season, Lux showed signs of being an all-star talent. Yes, Friedman can acquire a .260 hitter with a good glove (Rosario?), but he’d have to pay a ton, and there are other priorities right now. I expect Dodgers to keep him for at least a year, see if a season-long stint as a starter can show his potential.

    1. I think we sign Taylor so we have insurance at second and short. CT is proven, Lux is not and if he doesn’t work out he has no trade value. As it stands today, we could get something for him. Chapman not Olson from the A’s would be wiser unless we want Muncy at 2b; which is not a great plan for even one season.

  3. Lux found his groove and started making solid contact. He is under team control at a cheap salary. So he will enter his prime and for another team? Seager is going elsewhere. Lux can slot back in at shortstop or second. Another debacle like the Yordan Alverez trade.

  4. Hopefully Drrrrrrr won’t keep Lux and Beaty rotting in triple A next year while he starts 3 different 160 hitters on the big club in a Heated divisional race. That was hard to watch…….

      1. The man needs to be fired. The worst manager in baseball. Don’t even say that he got the team to 106 wins. The team did it, not dumb ole Roberts.

        1. The fact that DR wasn’t even in consideration for manager of the year, even after winning 106 games tells you all you need to know about DR.

      1. I agree for their standards they weren’t, but both were sent packing and both were members of the Championship team the season before. They were replaced by a 111 hitting Mckinney, a 150 hitting Souza, and Bellinger was in the worst swoon of Baseball history. Both Lux and Beaty even at they’re lows were better than those 3 at the time.

    1. Watching the playoffs the Dodgers bench looked extremely poor-3-4 players batting around .150, Souza, McKinney, McKinsey and a aging superstar Pujois, who can hit anything low or outside, it was sad to watch him flair away and missing pitches. Lux needs to be given a full shot at second, he has proven stats in the minors, hitting and fielding well, so Roberts puts him in center field where. He never played before!!!

  5. We are not developing Lux wisely. He needs to be put in game situations where he can succeed and build confidence. Running him out there in the outfield and trying to make him into a super utility guy is the opposite of what he needs right now. Giving him a “glide path” at second base and telling him to sink or swim ended up hurting him more than helping. The same thing will likely happen if they try the utility man route. Every mistake he makes at some position he is learning is magnified. Figure out what his best position is and use him there even if it’s in a part-time role. Keep his focus on offensive development and get him some at-bats.
    This team messed around with Dee Gordon and Mariano Duncan in a similar way and they both ended up playing their best ball for other clubs. Handle Lux wisely or expect a three-peat.

    1. Concur here, 65yrDodgerfan. Lux can play 2nd and perhaps some SS but that’s it. He does not need to be in the OF. And yes, consistent AB’S as well. That also means let him see some LHP as well .

      1. Morning Paul, no worries. Drrrrrrr will start him in Center in a National League Championship series game. Quotes from Drrrrrrr.. ” He’s a tremendously talented athlete” . Drrrrrr could have Smith there I suppose, even if both had NEVER played the position before. ” WHO does stupid S– like that?

        1. Exactly, Kirk! Some will point how Drrrrrr won 106 games in both 2019 and 2021. The Dodger player talent won those games in spite of him. But then I must ask,, how does a team win those 106 games and FAIL to reach the WS both times? And in 2019 Drrrrrr couldn’t get past the NLDS against the Nats because of his blatant stupid handling of the pitching in that game 5. And then there’s 2021 and he FAILED to win a division title and reach the WS because in part due to his total mismanagement and playing favorites during the season. I know we had a ton of injuries but playing those .160 or below guys in games at the same time was very tough to watch as ya said.

  6. Lux was given the 2nd base job to lose in the spring, and that’s exactly what he did. He’s shown signs, especially at the end of the year, but no pattern of long term consistency yet. At this point he’s a definite maybe going forward

    1. You’re right. He’s showing a little Kike now which is inability to keep a starting role when given multiple chances. Here’s to hope the maybe changes next season.

  7. Now that Lux is ready to contribute as utility/starter keep him on board with superman CT3. We left K Ruiz and J Gray go and they would be ready this season. Keep the youth growing into Dodger stars. As mentioned b/4, Beaty needs to play also. They will grow with the other prospects and established players.

    But not with the manager. Will Smith you’re going to have to give up your uni number when Andre comes back to manage.!

  8. If they don’t make a real sincere effort to sign Seager, then Trae won’t hang around. Let’s see what Lux will give us this year.

  9. There are way too many unknown free agent issues to start talking about trading players currently under control.

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