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Dodgers: Several Experts Predict RHP Jon Gray to Los Angeles

It’s all but guaranteed right now that the Dodgers will be going after an arm before the trade deadline. Andrew Friedman basically confirmed that getting a starter was front of mind for the, heading into the final 2 weeks. But the biggest question right now is which pitcher that will be. 

There are going to be a number of arms out there on the market that the Dodgers could go after. Charlie Morton, Tyler Anderson, Jose Berrios, and German Marquez are all names that the team has been linked to. But it might be another Rockies arm that they end up landing. 

The Denver Post polled a panel of MLB experts during All-Star week and found that the Dodgers were the favorite to land Jon Gray. The right-handed pitcher is in the final year before hitting free agency so it makes sense that they would move him. 

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Aside from the NL West matchup, the pairing would make sense. Gray could potentially eat up a ton of innings for the Dodgers, as he’s shown he can be a workhorse when healthy. Gray is also having one of his better seasons. He’s put up a 3.77 ERA and a decent 1.221 WHIP. 

The Dodgers are going with 3 guys in the starting rotation right now and there is no indication Trevor Bauer will return. Clayton Kershaw is down with a forearm strain and should be out at least until the end of the month. 

They need an arm, and Gray is there. The only thing standing in the way? The Rockies. They’ve shown an unwillingness to do business with Los Angeles in the past. 

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  1. No gray area here, Jon Gray would be a terrific addition to the Dodgers starting rotation now, and perhaps in the future. But, will the Rockies accept a reasonable return from the Dodgers, or demand more from them than any other MLB team?

    1. The Rockies like every other team knows the Dodgers predicament as far as having only 3 starters right now so my guess is they would certainly want more in return from Dodgers than they would any other team.

  2. Hard to get excited about a player for whom 3.7 represents a good year and his sum post season experience is 1.1 innings and an ERA of 27. He does hit slightly better than Edwin Rios, though. Certainly not worth a significant outlay from the Dodgers. The Rockies would demand the Dodgers overpay. There has to be a better option

  3. Madison Bumgarner may be available, Coming to L A may revive his career and may not have to give up too much for him. He could sit next to Max Muncy in the dugout.

  4. Rockettes will not trade with Dodgers unless we blow them away with a lot of value. Not gonna happen

  5. What happened to David Price. I keep hearing the Dodgers only have 3 starting pitchers. And Gray could very well be the answer as the 5th pitcher til Kershaw comes back. Josiah Gray. Pepiot is also a guy who seems ready for his debut. None of those other guys are exciting to me at all, I’d rather go with what we got.

  6. Dodgers farm devoid of talent for the most part with few exceptions. Only bat making any noise at all down the road with Great Lakes A tram. Justin Yurchak hitting .390 after hovering below the Bellinger zone in April. Aside from Gray, Pepiot and Miller, no pitchers should be untouchable. Can’t see Ruiz getting moved or Cartaya. Other than that, slim pickn’s down there. Raley good AAA numbers. They can have him.

    1. Yep. Yurchak on some ridiculous kind of roll, whoever he is, and you listed the main 5 must keep guys to watch in their farm system. Pages, Knack, Beeter, Vargas, Busch probably have some value, but none are a main piece. Lux, Bellinger, and Barnes, as far as i am concerned, wouldn’t hurt the team to trade, against post season quality pitching, they all are liabilities.

  7. Get Morton stop being cowards. There’s nothing on the farm we’ll miss. We got our home grown stars the luck is over start trading

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