Dodgers Spring Training 2.0 Start Date Set Per Reports

Baseball is back everyone…sort of. MLB and the Player’s Association had reportedly not agreed on a deal in terms of the number of games, but we still will likely see Dodgers games VERY soon.

Commissioner Rob Manfred stepped in after the union voted down the owners’ latest proposal, setting a 60-game season. That agreement was contingent upon the union accepting the league’s health guidelines and their ability to get players to spring camps by July 1st. And today, it was confirmed that players will be ready to go at their respective camps by July 1st. 

The most important thing to note here is that nothing is officially official. MLB will likely wait to announce that until the ink is dry on the agreement in order to avoid any more negative PR. But the Dodgers are back, and they will all likely be back at the stadium by this week. Most players are either already in Los Angeles or in nearby Phoenix. 

Terms of the agreement are still not public knowledge as of now, given that the two sides have one hurdle left to overcome. But according to reports, that one medical hurdle will not hold up the season from happening. Baseball is back. 

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  1. Please have some team like the Mariners win it all or something. I don’t want to join the Astros in the asterisk club

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