Dodgers Stock Up, Stock Down: Cody Bellinger is Slumping

Through the first two weeks of June, the Dodgers boast a 6-4 record with a sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies, two series wins against the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants, and getting swept in a two-game series with the Anaheim Angels.

There are some players who have begun to make their mark here in the beginning of June. As the temperatures begin to rise in Southern California, so do these players:

Stock Up

Max Muncy, 1B/2B/3B

Mad Max has certainly done his part this month and even made national headlines while succeeding, as he called out Madison Bumgarner with the now well-known phrase ‘get it out of the ocean’. Muncy has cracked 3 homers and driven in 5 runs, accruing 0.5 WAR. He is also sporting a stellar .294/.405/.588 slash line and 160 wRC+ in June. He is also doing his part on the defensive end, occasionally spelling Justin Turner at third and acting as an everyday regular between first and second base.

Walker Buehler, SP


Ferris is getting hot, folks. He looks pretty darn comfortable and poised on the mound. Since May 11, Buehler has tossed 39 innings and has struck out 46 batters. He has an elite 1.85 ERA and 0.87 WHIP over that span of time.

His ERA continues to decrease with every ace-level performance, just like the one on June 3 against the Diamondbacks where he struck out 1 batters in 8 innings on only two hits and an earned run.

Clayton Kershaw, SP

The strikeouts have not been there for Kersh, but it doesn’t matter. Since May 14, Kershaw has thrown 33 1/3 innings with 28 strikeouts, a 2.70 ERA, and 1.11 WHIP. Pretty elite. Although his fastball only cracks 90-91 miles per hour these days, he still gets it done. The fact that he is probably the third best pitcher in the rotation right now and he is as good as he has been is a testament to just how deep the Dodgers’ pitching staff is.

Stock Down

Joc Pederson, OF

Yung Joc has gone ice cold. In the month of June, Pederson is slashing .069/.182/.172 with a 3 wRC+ mark. Yikes. He has actually been worth -0.3 WAR, as well. When Joc is not hitting righties, he is doing nothing to benefit the time, considering his inability to hit southpaws and his so-so defense. Without a doubt, Joc Pederson will turn it around, evidenced by his elite 143 wRC+ mark on the season. Do not be frightened.

Cody Bellinger, 1B/OF

Do not be frightened to see Belli on this side of the list. However, he has gone pretty cold in the month of June. He is slashing .182/.325/.242 this month to start it and is somehow still hovering around a .350 batting average on the season.

He will get back to being a solid hitter soon enough, but it would have been ignorant to expect Bellinger to not have a cold spell after being the hottest hitter on the planet for quite some time.

Dylan Floro, RP

Once a bullpen stalwart, this season has been different for Dylan Floro. After starting the season off with an absurd 17 1/3 innings scoreless streak, Floro has been lackluster at best, posting a 10.80 ERA in 6 2/3 innings. Small sample size, sure, but there is no excuse for eight earned runs (11 runs total) in that sample. Let’s hope he turns it around for the sake of the Dodgers’ bullpen. It needs Floro to bring his A-game.



The Dodgers are seeing their stars trend downwards and are getting some amazing performances from their pitching staff. It is not hard to find reasons why they remain firmly in the lead in the National League West by a healthy 9.5 games.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Part of Bellinger’s problem is he has NOBODY capable to protect him in the lineup right now. He is being pitched around as a result and it will only get worse if CT3, Kike or Beaty are put in that all important 5th spot

    1. AZUL!!!! You are absolutely correct!!!! Until such time that Belles gets some buffers in the lineup, his production will diminish. I must add, however, it was nice to see those home runs last night. As much as I appreciate situational hitting, and I see us improving in that area, it jujst might be the home runs that carry us in Seager’s absence. Kersh’s numbers are up, but the dingers we hit allow him to stay in the game a bit longer and that takes pressure off of the bullpen. Until Af and the FO do something/anything, we will need our bats to be especially hot. One last point : I would like to see Lux and a few other youngsters brought up and used in various sports, rather than trading all of our top prospects for a Joe Blanton or other oldster. Have a great weekend!!! Hi Pd Jr.!!! Go Blue!!!

  2. Yes, yes, yes!
    Anyone behind Belli in the lineup except for those 3 or the catcher of course (and maybe Not Joc either at this point)
    — So that would leave only Turner (but he usually bats 3rd), Muncy, Freeze, or Verdugo, and maybe if he get’s hot add back Beaty as a possibility.

    I even posted something very similar on the Redit – Dodgers page, and multiple people said it doesn’t matter who hits before of after him, as Belli is raking everything anyway and will be walked regardless of who hits in front or behind him. Well, his slump now may be just the proof I was right or at least had a point, that he is Not invincible and like anyone could use an extra nudge to start getting hot again.
    — So wtf is up with those lineups????!!!!
    — Protect the best hitter in baseball when he needs it the most, for crying out loud!

  3. Yes, Joc’s numbers have fallen a bit of late. But, when the season ends, I can almost guarantee he will give us close to 25-30 home runs. Joc is a gamer, and when he is hot, he is hot. If Verdugo, Belles, Mad Max, and Big Red can continue to hit, we will make it until Corey returns.
    Freese has also been getting some key hits for us. Now, we need to surround Belles with these men, and watch the Blue Run Machine go to work. Go Blue!!!

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