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Dodgers: Strange Ending Causes Mass Confusion For Fans in the Win

The 2021 season has consisted of plenty of weird moments for the Dodgers. Opening Day should’ve clued us all in that it was going to be a weird year when Cody Bellinger went deep and got called out for lapping Justin Turner on the bases. 

On Tuesday night, we got another weird situation that left fans very confused. The Dodgers were leading the Phillies in the top of the 9th with Blake Treinen on the mound he JT Realmuto came up to the plate. 

With a runner on first, a passed ball resulted in some scoreboard confusion. The count read 3-1 on the scoreboard and the Dodgers broadcast crew also thought that was the count. So when Realmuto was called out on strikes on whatever everyone thought was strike 2, everyone was lost

The confusion came on the passed ball when Realmuto apparently went around on the check swing. The Dodgers broadcast did not catch it on the replay, and the scoreboard went to 2-0 instead of a 1-1 count. 

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The Dodgers won so in the end, it was all a little funny to watch go down. But the way Realmuto reacted to the questionable strike 3 call, it just added to the oddity that was the end of the game. Los Angeles and Philadelphia play the final game of their 3-game set on Wednesday in Los Angeles. 

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  1. The broadcast crew is amateurish and depends on Hershiser”s likability. The other guy just has a clear voice. Neither learned anything from Scully. When did Scully ever bore us with his barbecuing skills or endless meaningless statistics. Ross Porter lost his job for that.

    1. W B: Not sure if I would call them amateurish; maybe just average. I heard the Cubs, Cardinals, White Sox and Reds announcers for 50 years having lived in Illinois my entire life until I retired. Boudreau, Buck, Carey, Jimmy Piersall, Nuxhall ( time for the old left-hander to round third and head for home), Brennaman, Brickhouse,the younger Carey’s on TBS, and the younger Buck’s; but the only really amateurish one I ever heard was Mike Shannon of the Cardinals. I listened to as many Dodger games as I could get on my radio and TV in those days.The sad truth is that Vinny is THE MAN. No one has ever measured up to him. Hershiser is an above average announcer. But we can’t really be frustrated with him (or the others). He is not a Hall of Fame announcer. He is a solid Dodger. Close to Hall of Fame as a player. But not quite. We just need to accept him as is.

      1. Never had the privilege of listening to Vinny announce the Dodger games back in his prime since I live on the east coast. When I could pick up a Dodger game on my transistor (Philco) radio years ago, I had no choice but to listen to the “homer” announcers. The worst biased announcers were Woods and Prince out of Pittsburgh. I still hate the Pirates because of them. KMOX in St. Louis came in loud and clear on most nights. Harry Carey and Jack Buck were excellent. The Phillies had Richie Ashburn and Harry Kalas. Occasionally could pick up the Houston Colt 45’s games with Harry Kalas (before he moved to Philly). A Hall of Fame announcer. Could also pick up the Cubs games when they played in Dodger Stadium (will never forgot the Koufax perfect game), Met games,
        Braves games, and the Reds were also a possibility. I now subscribe to the MLB.TV package and watch every Dodger game. Not overly thrilled with the TV crew of Davis and Orel. Prefer listening to the radio crew of Charlie and Rick. There will never be another Vinny. Love the Dodgers always !! Go Blue !!

    2. When did Vin ever bore us? All Scully did at the end of his career was talk throughout the at bats w tidbits of info on peoples families, pets, hobbies etc. He was the best and that is sacriledge I know, but true.

  2. Hersh is not bad , the other guy is a Poser 4 sure …..he does better NCAA Football than Baseball

  3. I watched and was befuddled. I did not catch the umpire signalling the 1 and 1 count. But on the replay it sure looked like Will was pointing to the first base ump for the check Realmuto while he was going after the passed ball. Everyone on the field knew, though. Weird the annoucers missed it.

  4. I’m not sure if he was trying to cover his tracks or not or if he was describing something he thought was actually happening, but after the called 3rd strike to end the game, Joe Davis essentially said that even the Phil’s Manager and some players in their Dugout were questioning the Umps called 3rd strike, when, maybe if was only Strike 2.
    What was actually being questioned was the pitch location of that pitch and if it was a Strike or not, not if it was only Strike 2.

  5. Phillies announcers missed it as well. Not that big of a deal folks.

    I like Orel and Joe. No one is going to fill Vin’s shoes though. He’s the GOAT.

    If you really think our guys aren’t good try some other broadcasts. Phillies, Pirates, Nationals, Rockies and Padres aren’t so good. And ARod on ESPN is on the all time bad list.

  6. I miss Les Kasper at Cubs games. Would love to see him work together with Steven Stone who is the best analyst in baseball, although Jason Benetton is pretty good himself.

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