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Dodgers: The Future of Dustin May in the Starting Rotation

Dustin May proved on Tuesday that he is as ready for a Major League rotation as he can be. Now all he has to do is make sure that there is room in the Dodgers rotation for him.

May tossed six innings and gave up just two runs to the Padres on Tuesday. He had San Diego hitters looking foolish all night, striking out a career-high eight and walking just one. May gave up just three hits in the outing as the Dodgers walked away with a 5-2 win. 

With how good that May has been over the last few weeks, you have to wonder how long it will last. Alex Wood will eventually return from the injured list, and there won’t be room for someone in the rotation. The Dodgers have five really solid guys as it stands for the moment. 

Roberts expanded on his rookie right-hander’s future in the rotation.

He’s making a case right now. We always talk about the depth of the starting staff — unfortunately, Woody went down, he’ll be back — Dustin is making his claim, and that’s a good thing. He’s stepping up when given the opportunity. … but we have a long way to go, we’ll see what happens.

Wood struggled in his season debut, but that was also attributed to some arm fatigue. If he is able to come back full strength, Dave Roberts has a few tough decisions to make. But Dustin May is a guy that should absolutely not be taken out of the Dodgers’ rotation. 

May is now 1-0 on the year in his 3 starts. He has tossed a combined 13.2 innings and struck out 15 en route to a 2.63 earned run average. 

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  1. Wood was a bad signing as he is at best an average #4 or 5 slot pitcher. May has the potential to be #1 as do Buehler & Urias. Stripling has proven he belongs. And the Dodgers have Gonsolin, Gray, Santana, Gonzalez & White all have more potential than Wood and more importantly are cost controlled for several years. Thankfully Wood was only signed for 1 year. Kershaw gained some of his fastball velocity Back in his first start and looked dominant and the bullpen has been excellent.

  2. Trade Woods to the Atlanta Braves. They have been hit with Injuries and inconsistent pitching and the GM’s have a good history.

    Seattle Pittsburgh Miami Atlanta Baltimore KC Toronto Detroit These teams have needs and young good talent

    Young guys cant get past 3 to 4 innings. Soroka going down and thier vets injured perfect storm for a good deal.

    We have good talent and good veterans its time to trade and not just give away like we did Pederson and Stripling just to make room. Get value for the long term glad the Angels nixxed that trade ……

    Look at Maeda doing good for the Twinkies as Hill is to before the injury which has been his downfall.

    Soft tossing Ryu in Toronto……Don’t be afraid to ship out Kike and Taylor and get a nice haul or something with good value as we did with Graterol.

    You have Rios 1b/3b and McKinstry MI who are cheaper and ready to perform at a good level and a top young talented prospect rotting away in Lux because we can’t or will not give him that security of reps.

    This is all young cheap in payroll purposes and good business sense to do. Especially when you got young talent that are ready now instead of stunting there skills.

  3. Roberts will go with a 6 man rotation at least once thru. Then if Wood or someone else falters he can pull them out. Plus, until Buehler gets built up Woods can tandem w him.
    But I agree, May looks like a top of the rotation starter and they have to give him his chance.

  4. Please, no Alexander Wood.. Jimmy Nelson and Wood were silly signings as get what u paid for with two injury prone players.

  5. I wouldn’t be looking to trade Kiki or Taylor just because we have younger, cheaper players to fill in. That didn’t work with putting Lux into the starting playoff lineup. We need guys like Kiki and Taylor come playoff time, who have that experience.

  6. Just keep him in the rotation. Why we got Alex Wood is another Friedman head scratcher when May and also Gonsolin proved themselves last year

  7. May looks better than a couple of other pitchers I’ve seen so if need be move somebody down or into the bullpen. Kershaw, Stripling, May, Santana, and then if and when Buehler & or Urius gets into the act, hit & miss till you find a fit but not have a fit. There are other good teams out there, lets get it together people.

  8. There should be no question about keeping May in the rotation. He sure looked good in San Diego. I would rather see Gonsolin than Wood. Gavin Lux went from ROY candidate to purgatory. Doubt we will see him this year with the abbreviated schedule.

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