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Dodgers To Use 6-Man Rotation In The Short Term

Just a little while before Dustin May took the rubber against the Padres in San Diego, Alanna Rizzo reported an interesting piece of news. This was only days after Dustin May was announced to be returning to the starting rotation.

Dustin The Nick of Time

The 6 man rotation has been a topic of discussion in the Dodger ether for weeks or months. With the injury of Rich Hill, Ross Stripling, the suspension of Julio Urias, it was hard to see that happening. With the call ups of the hotshot rookies named Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin, the ideal has been realized. This is extremely ideal for the Dodgers. It mean rest for the entire starting pitching staff. It means Hyun-Jin Ryu, (who has already logged a lot of innings this year) Walker Buehler, and Clayton Kershaw get an extra day off. This effectively stretches their season a bit, lowering the wear and tear on their arms. It also serves another purpose.

May Make The Postseason Roster?

Having Dustin May and/or Tony Gonsolin in the starting rotation effectively also gives them a playoff audition. Young right handed pitching would be an extremely helpful playoff weapon for the Dodgers. Dustin May would need some experience pitching from the bullpen if that’s what they’re going to use him for, though. Tony Gonsolin appears to be more adept at doing this. Either way, seeing these two young rookies and giving them big league experience only has upside.

AJ Gonzalez

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  1. Doesn’t help the declining offense they’ve completely strayed from what made them great early on. Those great hitting coaches efforts are being wasted and now they have to work on the entire team in this last month. Not to mention all of different teams on the field in September with the call ups playing like it’s spring training when you should be having the real team get in sync together for the playoffs. What a mess

  2. I have always said that the worst thing you can do in a major playoff hunt, especially if your goal is to win the world series, is to “take your foot off of the gas.” Too much messinng with the line up starts making little changes in the routine and before you know it, now your’re on a slump as a team at the worst possible time. Bringing people up because of injuries is one thing. Playing them in games you need to winning is another. When you don’t start your best line up you are, in effect, “taking your foot off of the gas”, and this is beginning ti look like the same thing that happened last year. I get that Friedman wants to get a look at prospects. But when you are playing for home field advantage through the World Seires that should be more important. All the MLB pundits say that bringing up Will Smith last year to just watch was genius. They need to consider that same sauce for anyone else they have in mind. If you want to see someones game so you might trade them later, send them to winter ball!.

    1. This is the kind of thing that happens when you’re always trying to balance present and future. It just doesn’t work for winning it all it only works for putting together a division dynasty. The Genius figures the division is wrapped up so they can spend the next month planning for the future while completely overlooking the damage being done to the present team trying to win the whole thing

  3. Under no circumstances move May to the BP!!!! If he had some run support and some steadier fielding, his record might be a bit better!!!! The BP will soon feature Urias, Strips, Hill, Janses, Kelly, Sadler, Baez, and Floro. If our starters can reduce the number of home runs we give up, we should be alright!!! Go Blue!!

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