Dodgers: Today Could Be Kershaw’s Final Regular-Season Start With L.A.

Hey, you wanna feel melancholy?

The same is going to be true for Clayton Kershaw someday, and that day could be today. Kershaw takes the mound this afternoon in the Dodgers’ final regular-season game of the season, and with the three-time Cy Young winner hitting free agency again after the season, this could be his last regular-season start at Dodger Stadium … ever.

It probably won’t be. It hopefully won’t be. It really can’t possibly be. Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has repeatedly made it clear he wants Kershaw to play his entire career with the Dodgers, and Kershaw said last week he’s leaning towards continuing to play.

But the Rangers, Kersh’s hometown team, made a big push for him last offseason and could do so again this year. And if the Dodgers win the World Series again this year, there might be a lot of appeal to the idea of going out on top and easing into a life of PTA meetings and cargo shorts.

Look, our days with Kershaw are dwindling, we just don’t know how quickly. A lot of kids knew it was their last time going outside to play together, because they knew Johnny’s family was moving to Des Moines or Bernie was heading to college or the jury was likely to convict Thomas or whatever. And maybe, when the time comes, we’ll have plenty of warning from Kershaw, the way the fans in St. Louis got to celebrate Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina this year on their farewell tours.

But let’s be real. We know Kersh. We know how he feels about distractions. There’s a very real chance we won’t know until it’s too late that he’s never coming back. So let’s take the time this afternoon to appreciate what could be his final regular-season start for the Dodgers. Even though it probably, definitely, hopefully won’t be.

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