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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Exits Start Early With Arm Injury

It was another start to forget for Walker Buehler on Friday night, something the Dodgers have unfortunately become accustomed to lately. The hard-throwing righty came out and got roughed up for 3 earned runs over 4 innings of work in a bad loss to the Giants. But that wasn’t the worst part. 

Buehler exited the game after 4 innings and just 70 pitches. The Dodgers would later announce that he left the game early with discomfort in his throwing elbow. The pain/issue first came in the 3rd inning after he threw a breaking ball, as pointed out by Buehler himself. 

After the disappointing loss, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts didn’t seem very optimistic. And given that Buehler had Tommy John surgery before his big league career even got started, there is certainly reason for concern. 

“I’m trying not to get too out ahead of myself. But anytime when you’re talking about the elbow, you’re talking about a guy like Walker who can’t finish his start because of discomfort, it’s certainly concerning.”

If Buehler does have to miss any time, the Dodgers will once again be without a full rotation. They are getting Clayton Kershaw back on Saturday, but losing Walker would be a big hit to the starting rotation, even with as poor as he has pitched lately. 

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Over his last 6 starts, he has been hit for 21 earned runs across 28.1 innings of work. So if the arm issue has been lingering for a while, it would make sense that the Dodgers hurler has been struggling as badly as he has. 

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  1. Buehler has really stunk the place up this year, hasn’t he. Once looked at as a sure win, he’s now looked at as likely getting knocked out of a game before the fifth inning. Has he been injured and that’s the reason for his abysmal performance this season? Or, is that the go to excuse for Dodger pitchers who keep getting punched out early in the game?

    Doc bragged about how this Dodgers team would win this years WS. The way the team keeps playing they’ll be lucky to get out of the first round of the playoffs. They really have some work to do if they hope to even make it to the WS this year. BTW – the Yankees look the team to beat so far. They are hitting on all cylinders even when their best players are out with injuries. What’s their payroll? And what’s the Dodgers? Someone’s overpaying for a group of underachievers.

    1. I would not go as far as saying Buehler has stunk all year. He has 6 wins. He has stunk in his last 3 starts for sure. And now we know why.

  2. Saturday’s game was the season low for the Dodgers. Buehler’s injury from the onset, looks very serious. Losing Walker for a long stretch could be devastating to the Dodgers. Obviously, something has been wrong with him. The Dodgers could still be very successful IF they had good game management and good strategy for the rest of the season.

    1. It appears that the Dodger’s pitching, once lauded as the strength of this club, is on the ropes. It is just June and pitchers are hurting, out or not back yet. Without another starter who can go more than 4 or 5 innings on a “good” day, I have my doubts the team will even make the playoffs. Throwing in the trend of replaying “Mighty Casey at the Bat” nearly every time there are runners in scoring position, just puts one more hole in the hull of the Dodgers Cruise Ship.

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