Dodgers: Will Veteran Stars Hold Back Rookie Players? MLB Divided on Biosphere Plan

It’s been more than a month since anyone has set foot on a major league field. However, there are still a lot of moving parts behind the scenes for baseball and the Dodgers.

As plans and ideas are discussed that could potentially bring baseball back sooner rather than later — possibly even before any of us are officially let out of our houses — a line in the sand is starting to develop.

Established veterans and younger players appear to be heading toward a divide. Moreover, players with families may ultimately control whether or not baseball returns in 2020. Understandably that is well within their rights, but should they hold all the cards in this situation while rookies and pre-arbitration players have their hands tied?

With every possibility being discussed for the MLB All-Arizona biosphere idea, are the financial needs of younger players being taken into enough of a consideration?

We discuss.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. The league should decide, not the players. Teams should allow players not to play if they fear being separated from their families too long.That would be like being in the IL. That would actually give more young players a chance to play

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