Everything You Need to Know About Dodger Stadium This Year

As the Dodgers like to do each offseason, there are some new features and amenities at Dodger Stadium for the 2023 season. The ballpark was already the best in baseball, but it got even better this offseason. Let’s take a look at some of the new things as well as look back at everything we think you need to know.

Did the Dodgers Get New Lighting?

The most noticeable change or improvement involves the lighting. Now, if you haven’t heard about it by now or noticed while watching on TV — assuming you haven’t been to a game at Chavez Ravine already this season — it can be a bit jarring if you’re not expecting it.

The team replaced their decades old lighting fixtures and updated them with new, fully controllable LED fixtures. So far, they’ve been a hit.

If you’ve been to Dodger Stadium for a night game this season, let your fellow fan know your experience with the lights down in the comments below.

What is a Drone Show? / What Happened to Friday Night Fireworks?

The next thing the team has really been hyping since announcing at FanFest in February is the introduction of the new postgame “drone show” on Friday nights. Don’t worry, Friday Night Fireworks will also remain throughout the schedule.

Why Are There Clocks in Dodger Stadium?

In adhering to the new rules put in place by MLB for this season, several new pitch clocks can be found at the stadium. More details on the rules and how the pitch clock works can be found here:

How Early Should I Get to Dodger Stadium?

Games are faster now — much faster — so we urge you to get to the stadium earlier, load up on your food at the concessions stands (or pack some food and bring it into the park in an approved clear bag) before first pitch, and settle in for the next two hours as best as you can.

To help you get into Dodger Stadium easier, check out our famous parking tips and tricks guide here:

How Many Games Are There at Dodger Stadium This Year?

As there is every year that isn’t 2020, there will be 162 regular season games and 81 of those will be played at Dodger Stadium. Also this season, along with the drone show and firework nights, another season of incredible giveaways and special events are on the calendar for the boys in blue. One of the most important event weekends comes in August when the Dodgers will finally, officially retire Fernando Valenzuela’s iconic number 34 jersey.

Check out the 2023 schedule and plan a game for you and the family!

See you out at the ballpark!!

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