How Could the Dodgers Trade for Kris Bryant?

After the disappointing news regarding Anthony Rendon from Wednesday night, the Dodgers remain in the market for a third basemen. Justin Turner is still serviceable at the hot corner, but the Dodgers seem inclined to add a fresh face there and move Justin Turner over to first. 

Josh Donaldson is still available, and the Dodgers are reportedly keeping in touch with him. However, reports from Thursday morning have Donaldson fetching a four-year, $100M+ contract, something Andrew Friedman will most likely be hesitant to give out. 

When turning to the trade block certain names stick out such as Francisco Lindor (which would push Corey Seager to third, assuming he isn’t moved in the deal) and Nolan Arenado, but both seem extremely unlikely. A more reasonable trade target that would make sense for both sides:

Kris Bryant.

The Cubs have dug themselves into a hole where they are looking to shed payroll. They already paid the luxury tax last season, and don’t seem willing to again, which would harshen the penalties. 

Shedding the bad contracts of Tyler Chatwood or Craig Kimbrel would cost the Cubs prospects, something they don’t have much of in terms of quality. Moving Jose Quintana would be fairly easy, but the return would be relatively small, and still does not give the Cubs much salary relief. Trading Bryant on the other hand, projected to make roughly $19 million, would accomplish several things for the Cubs: shedding significant payroll, maximizing return, and planning for the future. Hence, why his name has come up so often over the past week.

Bryant would be a terrific get for Los Angeles. Over the past five seasons, he has remained both durable and consistent, accumulating 27.8 fWAR in 706 games. He has also posted a wRC+ of at least 125 every single year, solidifying himself as one of the best players in the league. 

Here is where the Dodgers enter.

Much like with a potential Mookie Betts trade, the Dodgers have a surplus of what would make sense for the Cubs in return: young, cost-controlled players who can contribute immediately. Chicago has far too much talent to engage in a full-on rebuild, meaning they need cheap youth to keep the team competitive while saving them money.

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Dustin May and Gavin Lux are almost certainly off-limits. With that in mind, I believe a package consisting of Keibert Ruiz, Jeter Downs, Edwin Rios, DJ Peters, and Dennis Santana would get the deal done. Parting with Ruiz would be particularly tough, but worth it when considering the MVP level-caliber player coming back in return.

Moreover, it would allow Chicago to look at also moving catcher Willson Contreras — an All-Star with a rising cost — in another big haul.

Bryant has two years left of control (assuming his grievance is unsuccessful), which would cover his age 28 and 29 seasons, typically the prime window for position players. As for his fit with the Dodgers, Bryant provides a right handed bat badly needed in a lineup that is lefty-heavy. Defensively, he would primarily play third base, sliding Turner to first, Muncy to second, and Gavin Lux into a super utility role. 

When considering the Cubs desire to shed payroll, maximize their return on Bryant, and still remain competitive in 2020, a trade with the Dodgers works well for both sides. It isn’t exactly Andrew Friedman’s MO to part with young talent, especially in the off-season. But given a player of Bryant’s caliber, an exception should be made. It remains to be seen just how serious the Cubs actually are regarding Bryant’s availability, but a trade for the 2016 NL MVP could salvage the off-season.

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    1. Just admit that Lux is an excess left handed batter and therefore trade bait. Just make sure you get top notch talent in return. One of the biggest reasons to get a left side infielder is to get a right handed hitter. The flip side of that coin is to unload a left handed hitter. The reason people are talking about Lux as an outfielder or utility player is that he just doesn’t fit. So trade him. Other teams that need lefties will pay a high price for him. Betts is right handed. Bryant is right handed. Lindor is a switch hitter. All candidates for trade including Lux. May is the guy I wouldn’t trade. A 98 mph sinker strongly counters the juiced ball situation today by producing more ground balls, if they can hit it at all. I project May to be a regular starter for the Dodgers in 2021. He will bounce between the bullpen and starter role this year to keep his innings down.

  2. Fake news, Wyatt.
    The Dodgers won’t do anything to improve the club!!! Friedman giving all those good prospects for one guy? He won’t do it, even for Kris Bryant.
    Like I have been saying all along, I’ll believe it when I see it. You don’t have any facts. Management it’s just fooling us the loyal fans. PROVE IT, Friedman!!!! I’m hoping I’m wrong, BUT!!!!!

  3. Tis will never happen because as we all know, Andrew Friedman lacks the cojones to make the big moive for anything more than a rental. Cole? NOPE, Rendon? NOPE, Strasburg? NOPE. If the suituation said that getting Kris Bryan would absolutely guarantee the Dodgers the World Series Victory (like any of the three aforementioned players) Friedman and Mark Walter would TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK about it and then do the exact opposite or resign some broken down reliever or third string nobody position player and hail it as the next coming of KING KONG!

    The facts are this. You know Friedman or Walter’ are lying when you see their lips moving! These guys are ni better than Ruoert Murdoch and his pack of coyotes looking to strip the carcas and live off the fat of the land without having to do anything for all of us dumb a**es who continue to buy tickets with big fat smiles on our faces. Want to make a statement, don’t go to any spring pre-season games, especially the Dodgers and the Angels and see what they think when only 1000-2000 people show up. That is what I am going to do. I’m not taking another BOHICA for the team!!!

  4. All I want for Christmas is a right handed power hitter on the left side of the infield and maybe another one in the outfield. Or both.

    1. Amen to that. The blue has been about being on the left side-both pitching and hitting for far too long now. We’ve been vulnerable to power arms in the postseason because we couldn’t move a baserunner with less than 2 out on a 2-1 pitch. Bryant should be a priority for the Dodgers moving forward.

  5. Trade Turner for Bryant, and give them downs.Turner is injury prone and too slow on hard grounders.Kike permanent at 2nd base .Muncy stays at 1st Corey at short Smith catching now you have 3 right handed bats.Kike is a good glove at 2nd and even if he gets into a slump his glove will still save you hits and runs.And if you can’t get Bryant than trade IT for Hader and put Taylor at 3rd.He’ll do the job and He’s cheap.

  6. I know this a simple somewhat solution to the problem starting in the FRONT OFFICE ,They know what the Dodgers need to be successful in which they our 7 playoffs in succession, but not to win the big show.The. F.A. just probably didn’t try hard enough to get at least Rendon ,Right handed hitter ,all around baseball player in every facet of the game, He may had just taken them over the top to win the playoffs and then the Big Show with his ability and would have been a great teammate to watch everyday giving his teammates incentives to be a real team winner’s all of them could have been the same winner ,but it didn’t happen now the front office must look to more pitching late in the game , losses ,blown saves when leading by 2 and more runs get someone who is dependable and QUIT playing games with the pitching staff,and look at the team , How they feel knowing deep inside our closer CANNOT close any longer ,but can’t say anything because he is a nice guy, it is killing them inside , get relief help , good help and a good bat .YOUR WAITING TO LONG !!!

  7. That group of players will not get the Dodgers Kris Bryant. Gonna cost at least Lux or May in addition to a couple of those players

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