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Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros: How to Watch the Games this Weekend

The Los Angeles Dodgers play host to the Houston Astros at Dodger Stadium this weekend. This marks the first match up between the two teams in LA since the 2017 World Series which Houston won.


Where to Watch


  • Network: Fox Sports (channel 11, LA)
  • Time: 5:07 PM PT
  • Broadcast team: Joe Davis, John Smoltz, and Ken Rosenthal


  • Network: ESPN, Sunday Night Baseball
  • Time: 5:08 PM PT
  • Broadcast team: Matt Vasgersian, Alex Rodriguez, Buster Olney

Who to Watch

Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly is out this series, finally serving his 5 game suspension handed down by MLB after inciting a brouhaha in Houston earlier this season.

Still, for Los Angeles, Mookie Betts is putting together an MVP season in his first campaign in the senior circuit. The leadoff batter leads the Dodgers in home runs, runs batted in, and runs scored.

For Houston, spark plug Jose Altuve is out this series, on the injured list with a knee issue.

Outfielder Michael Brantley has been their most consistent offensive threat in 2020 with a .310 batting average and .914 OPS in 32 games.

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  1. In the Ninth inning, the Astros score 6 consecutive hits and 5 runs off of Kenley. I cringed watching our closer unable to retire a single batter and our lead completely vanish. Why would Dave Roberts allow Kenley to remain in the game after the third batter got a hit? What a waste of a good game. This is not only disappointing but truly absurd!!!

  2. Here’s a suggestion don’t watch it. I usually put half of Roberts incompetence on the analytical FO but this one was all him what a complete J***a** he is he didn’t even have the smarts to get someone warm in time. If they don’t start doing closer by committee then there is no point in the rest of this season or postseason. Right now the Astros feel pretty good and that’s all Roberts fault it’s really hard to stomach, you never want to wish injury but you know what that might be our only chance this year, hopefully Jansen has to miss the rest of the year nothing serious but just enough. It’s the only thing that will make Roberts do the right thing and that’s very sad

  3. It is WORSE than that!!

    Jansen has lost his stuff! His speed and his control and his ball movement!!!!

    Switch him back to catcher!!!

    Why would any manager anywhere leave any closer in the game under these conditions? Charlie K


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