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Max Muncy Ejected from Dodgers Game After Calling Out Bad Umpiring Calls

Dodgers third baseman Max Muncy hits the bench early after getting ejected in the 4th inning of Sunday’s contest against the Cardinals. Muncy was ejected after chirping with home plate umpire about a strike three call, but that isn’t what got him tossed. As he was walking back to the dugout, he started sounding off again and pointed his bat at the third base umpire and home plate umpire.

The third base umpire was Paul Emmel, the guy whose terrible strike three call against Mookie Betts on Saturday night cost the Dodgers a comeback attempt.

Manager Dave Roberts hung around to give Emmel an earful at third but did stay in the game.

Chris Taylor replaced Muncy at third base in the bottom of the inning.

Here’s a look at what started Muncy’s gripe as well, a strike three call that was in a similar location as a pitch that was just called a ball.

Muncy spoke with reporters after the game about the incident.

“I think it was kind of a weekend-long frustration building up. For me, it wasn’t about the call. … To me, it was how the calls were happening. The pitch before was almost the exact same location. Whether it was a ball or a strike, I don’t care. He called it how he saw it. He called it a ball and for the catcher to sit there and tell him that’s a terrible call and he missed it and needs to be better and then the next one he gives it to him. That, to me, is where the frustration was coming from.

“I felt like that was happening all weekend long. I felt they were getting bullied and they gave in to it. … I wasn’t referencing last night. I was referencing the whole weekend,” Muncy said. “I was referring to all of them and he took it as I was talking about last night.

Via OC Register

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