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MLB News: Angel Hernandez to Undergo Psychiatric Evaluations for Legal Battle

Major League Baseball is not a perfect sport by any means. Players slip up, front office executives occasionally go off on fans, and management sometimes gets a little chippy with the media. It’s all part of the game we all know and love. But one of the more flawed aspects of baseball has to be with the officiating.

Don’t get me wrong, the umpires of Major League Baseball are more often than not great at what they do. We are all human and missed calls happen, that is why replay has become so prevalent in the sport. But what cannot be forgiven is what fans so lovingly refer to as the “Ump Show” that happens fairly often.

An Ump Show is when MLB’s umpires take the spotlight by taking over games from players, often leading to multiple ejections and a bloated ego for no reason at all. This has led plenty of players to be largely in support of an electronic strike zone in baseball to go hand-in-hand with instant replay, to make sure all of the calls are as accurate as possible.

Ángel Hernández may be one of the main culprits in the motivation for robot umps. Hernández is widely regarded as one of the worst umpires in the league, and fans especially cannot stand when he is behind home plate. While most fans(and players) would like to see him out of the league, Hernández thinks almost the exact opposite.

The Lawsuit

The 28-year veteran filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball back in 2017 for discrimination. Hernández felt that he, as well as several other umpires, were constantly passed up on for promotions due to his race. He also felt that his Cuban decent played a role in determining whether or not he would be umpiring playoff games.

It couldn’t possibly be know, terrible calls or anything.

Now, there has been a new break in the case. Hernández will be required to go through psychiatric exams and an additional four hours of testimony in order to proceed with his case against baseball. The judge in the case ruled that because of the large monetary size of the lawsuit, that these tests were necessary.

So perhaps fans will finally get to see inside one of the worst strike zones in baseball, with no disrespect to Dan Iassogna or Joe West.


  1. If only the size and/or inconsistency of the strike zone was proof positive of a person’s insanity, then Eric Gregg… well, they couldn’t find a strait jacket that could fit him.

  2. It’s time to Use electronic strike zones. These bums can make the other calls on the field but no more balls and strikes they are absolutely terrible

  3. I think the day Angel Hernandez is no longer an ump all baseball fans will be cheering, i don’t agree with booing of players, however I am okay with booing of Angel Hernandez, his skills as an ump are downright awful.

  4. And all this time I just thought that Hernandez was the worst umpire in major league history. Never occurred to me that he was nuts…

  5. The games that I get to watch that Hernandez’s is upping are very frustrating. He is always inconsistent. He probably would mess up a little League game too!

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