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MLB News: Joc Pederson Acknowledges Hecklers, Blasts a Homerun

MLB players have about had it with hecklers from opposing teams this year. Just a handful of games into the season and we’ve already seen a few different examples of players going after fans that are chirping at them from the stands. And honestly, it’s fantastic. 

That’s what happened this Monday when the Giants were playing against the Brewers. With Joc Pederson stepping into the box, some Brewers fans apparently wanted to let him know how they felt. Joc sort of recognized it beforehand and responded in the best way.

Joc CRUSHED a ball for a homerun off of Brewers reliever Trevor Scott. It was a 2-run shot that gave the Giants the lead in the 8th inning. And as he turned to make his jog around the bases, Joc pounded his chest for an iconic MLB player versus fan moment. 

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Joc later had some words for the fan as he crossed home plate, none of which are family-friendly. But let this be a lesson to MLB fans across the league. If you’re going to chirp at a player, make sure it’s after he has already left the batter’s box. 

Joc is already up to 6 homeruns this year playing with his new team. 

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