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MLB News: Significant Changes for 2022 Coming, Spring Training Still Up in The Air

Today, MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, held a press conference to address the state of affairs between club owners and the players union in the midst of a now three-month-long lockout. Among the topics touched on, the most important to baseball fans at the moment is when baseball will actually be happening. Pitchers and catchers would usually be reporting to camp next week, marking the start of the new campaign.

Instead, things remain very much up in the air.

Manfred shared optimism that the spring training calendar would remain unaffected, even if some feel that’s a tactical move on the part of the commish

After the league opted to request a mediator in its talks with the union, players quickly rejected and slammed MLB for the idea. The mediator idea took the place of good faith counterproposal from the owners. Now, with more days off the calendar, Manfred’s optimism that spring training should go on as planned is bordering on unrealistic. Moreover, it puts a lot of faith in the scheduled conversations between MLB and the MLBPA set for Saturday.

Other Notes of Importance

IF an agreement does come together on Saturday, and yes, that is a big if, both the players and the league feel that things can come together quickly for spring training.

If an agreement is unable to be reached, Manfred confirmed that clubs will not go on with scheduled spring training games using minor league players — or “replacement players,” as some have termed them — essentially spelling out that spring games would be postponed or canceled.

Also in the likely event that a deal doesn’t get done, the plan for a shortened spring training schedule is already in motion.

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Other Changes

Among other talking points from Manfred, the commissioner shared changes that seemingly have been agreed upon by both sides. Those changes include the implementation of the universal designated hitter as well as efforts to mitigate tanking teams around the league.

“We’ve proposed an agreement that is better in every respect than the expiring contract. For the first time in history, and despite substantial opposition by some clubs, we’ve agreed to institute a draft lottery to address the players’ concern about clubs not competing. We’ve agreed to a universal designated hitter and the elimination of draft choice compensation. These changes will improve the free agent market by creating additional jobs that are often filled by veteran players, and by reducing — actually eliminating — the drag from compensation.”

There will be more to come on this lockout situation.

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