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Report: Dodgers’ Trade With Angels Pulled By Arte Moreno’s Frustrations

Dodgers fans woke up on Monday still celebrating their prize in getting Mookie Betts, David Price, and more through trades. Angels fans, on the other hand, woke up to some bad news. As it turns out, the Angels’ owner pulled the trade with Los Angeles over his own frustrations.

Having been held in limbo for almost an entire week, Arte Moreno must have felt he was being disrespected by the Dodgers. The deal would have sent Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling, and Andy Pages down to Anaheim in exchange for Luis Rengifo and at least one prospect.

Moreno was not the only one who was not amused by the Dodgers’ willingness to wait out the Betts’ trade. Tony Clark, the executive director for the MLBPA, let the teams know through an official statement that the delay was not fair to any of the players involved. Justin Turner was also not too happy with the way players’ lives were being affected.

Moreno ordered the Angels to pull out of the agreement with the Dodgers, sources told The Athletic. The Dodgers could have given the Angels a chance to rethink their decision, but they viewed the previously agreed upon Angels deal as unnecessary after the trades with Boston and Minnesota changed, effectively killing the trade themselves.- Fabian Ardaya via The Athletic

The Dodgers could still conceivably come to a deal with the Angels, but that may be tougher to accomplish now. After all, hell hath no fury like an owner scorned. Anaheim still is in desperate need of pitching though, and Ross Stripling is an ideal candidate to fill that massive void. Joc Pederson seemed to be more of a luxury than anything in their current lineup.

The Dodgers need to cut back their 40-man roster from 42 players as it stands after adding players this weekend. The 40-man needs to be set when the trade becomes official, so moves should be coming soon.

While that makes trades more desirable, that does not mean that will be the route they take. The Dodgers could also look to DFA Dylan Floro and Tyler White among others.



  1. A** Moreno is a piece of work, really. His team doesn’t even play in Los Angeles, talks about disrepect. How about disrepecting the city of Anaheim!

  2. He probably figures he could find a strike out prone, 235 hitter with power for less than 9 million!

    1. 2019
      Joc hit .249 with 36 hrs.

      With a better OPS than Seager

      POST season – NOT playing mediocre/crappy teams:
      Joc OPS ..953 AVG .267
      Bellinger OPS .549 AVG .211
      Seager OPS .390 AVG .150………..

      And yeah Joc is ‘pat time’. But STILL had more total bases than Seager or Bellinger.

      You dissing the wrong dude…dude.

    2. Here are some notable players with more SOs and equal or less HRs than Joc Pederson (111 SOs – 36 HRs) in 2019:

      Bryce Harper (178-35), Rougned Odor (178-31), Jonathan Villar (176-24), Trevor Story (174-35), Rhys Hoskins (173-29), Wil Myers (168-18), Paul Goldschmidt (166-34), Shin-Soo Cho (165-24), Dominque Santana (164-21), Eric Hosmer (163-22), Randal Grichuk (163-31), Kole Colhoun (162-33), Ryan McMahon (160-24), Miguel Sano (159-34), Javier Baez (156-29), Jackie Bradley Jr. (155-21), Christian Walker (155-29), Hunter Renfro (154-33), Yoan Moncada (154-25), Jose Abreu (152-33), Danny Santana (151-28), Daniel Vogelbach (149-30), Max Muncy (149-35), Michael Conforto (149-33), Paul DeJong (149-30), Hunter Dozier (148-26), Matt Chapman (148-36), Khris (146-23), Kris Bryant (145-31) [* YES YOUR BELOVED KRIS BRYANTv- Kirk Lyons], Nicholas Castellanos (143-27), Renato Nunez (143-31), Trey Mancini (143-35), Dexter Fowler (142-19), Luke Voit (142-21), Aaron Judge (141-27), Eric Thames (140-25), Yasmani Grandel (139-28), JD Martinez (138-36), Nick Goodrum (138-27), Matt Olson (138-26), Eloy Jimenez (134-31), Yasiel Puig (133-24), Juan Soto (134-34) {* YES YOUR WORLD SERIES MVP – Kirk Lyons], Austin Meadows (131-33), Eduardo Escobar (130-35), Matt Carpenter (129-15), Manny Machado (128-32), Whit Merrifield (126-16), Gary Sanchez (125-34), JT Realmuto (123-25), Tommy Pham (123-21), Xander Bogaerts (122-33), Rafael Devers (119-32), Marcell Ozuna (114-29)…

      In Fact, Joc Pederson is ranked 81st on Strikeout Percentage in 2019, at 21.6%. Mike Trout, the reigning AL MVP is ranked 63rd on Strikeout Percentage in 2019, at 20.0%. Joc Pederson actually is one of the lowest percentage strikeout hitters in the MLB.

      So once again, Kirk Lyons, all your comments and arguments are based on your persistent pathological LIES that contain zero fact checks, it also exposes you as a MAJOR FRAUD on these Dodgers blogs, that you don’t even watch the games. Here’s a BIG MIDDLE FINGER TO YOU.

  3. I’m glad Señor Moreno threw a hissy fit and pulled the plug. The Dodgers will probably now actually get a useful asset for Joc Pederson from an AL club looking to bolster their hitting vs. RHP.

  4. I love it!

    The Angels are going to miss the playoffs this year after giving 2 players $675 MILLION DOLLARS!!


    Morano… (the worst owner in baseball) strikes again lol

    1. Moreno seems to be the Jerry Jones of baseball. Owners are better off unseen and unheard. Let the front offices do the jobs you pay them do.

  5. Moreno knows nothing about how trades get done and all the hard work it takes to get to this point. And he should leave the public statements to his GM. By throwing a hissy fit he loses out on a great lopsided deal that would have given him much more than he was giving. What a loser!

  6. Don’t see how not trading prospects for Joc and Strip makes the Angels better. They need to rethink things.

  7. What a baby his fan base should hate him right now. They desperately needed Stripling

  8. As a Dodger fan, I would just like to say THANK YOU ARTE MORENO. Thank you for saving the Dodgers from a really bad trade where we would have got nothing but a scrubby utility infielder for a 36 home run guy and a valuable all purpose pitcher. If you get impatient with Rendon, were more than willing to take him off you hands too.

  9. What a Moron-o! The Angels were about to screw the Dodgers big time but A. Morono the worst owner in baseball pulled out. LMAO!!! For the love of baseball, free Mike Trout from your awful franchise.

  10. Arte Moreno is a pathetic loser and the Angels’ players deserve better. As long as this jackass owns the team, the Angels are never going to be successful. It will be a long time before another GM trusts the Angels’ front office to make a trade.

  11. As a Dodgers Fan I hated the idea of GIVING AWAY JOC & his 36 homers plus Stripling for nothing! Moreno must have a screw loose giving up that deal for an unknown infielder?????

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