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Stories By Scully: A History Lesson About Pirates

The Los Angeles Dodgers closed out their series vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday and despite not being able to get the win, Vin Scully had a very eventful day. With Scully inching closer to the end of his remarkable career visiting teams are taking every opportunity to meet him.

Even David Ortiz took a moment to meet Vin when the Boston Red Sox visited Dodger Stadium. Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole took the same opportunity to meet the legendary broadcaster.

Scully was also visited by Pirates’ manager Clint Hurdle along with Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis.

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The Pirates played at the Ravine for a 3-game series and in the series finale Scully took the opportunity to give a history lesson about the high-seas pirates.

With the Dodgers down early, during the top of the 4th, Scully talks to a baby and tries to get him to fall asleep.

Mid-game stories are just one of the many things Dodger fans will miss about Vin Scully. Scully is in his 67th and final season with the Dodgers and as the end of the 2016 regular-season inches closer we try to take in and appreciate the stories and lessons Scully has to give.

The Dodgers plan to hand out a Vin Scully bobblehead on September 20th vs. the San Francisco Giants. The team will also host a Vin Scully appreciation day on September 23rd vs. the Colorado Rockies.

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