Who Are the Best Dodgers to Follow on Social Media in 2023?

The Dodgers have new faces all around the roster and with that comes new personalities on and off the field. If you’re somewhat active online, you might already know about some of the best Dodger follows on Instagram or Twitter. But in case you’re newer to the social media scene, we want to help you build up that follow list with the best and most active players on the team today.

First, here’s the full list of every Dodger player and notable person related to the team.

Active Posters

Miguel Rojas
@miggyslocker on IG and @MRojasOfficial on Twitter

Miggy Ro is a solid follow online. He’s a bit more active on Instagram than Twitter and he is part of the “Rose Rotation” podcast on Jomboy Media’s JM Baseball channel which allows him to open up more. Some of those clips find their way onto his feed.

Jason Heyward
@jheylove22 on IG

Heyward is a regular poster and loves a good story report.

Yency Almonte
@showtimealmonte on Twitter

Yency is most active on Twitter and is always just a positive dude

Clayton Kershaw
@claytonkershaw on Instagram and @ClaytonKersh22 on Twitter

Kersh is good for the occasional peek into his family life.

Walker Buehler
@BuehlersDayOff on Twitter and @buehlersdayoff on Instagram

Walker Buehler posts the best most out of pocket stuff randomly on Twitter.

Tony Gonsolin
@goooose15 on Twitter and @goooose15 on Instagram

Tony is at his best as a person to follow when he’s healthy and winning ballgames. “Meowww”

Yency Almonte
@showtimealmonte on Twitter

The Dodger reliever loves a good win on Twitter and loves to hype up his teammates. Fun for those who watch daily.

Mookie Betts
@mookiebetts on Twitter and @mookiebetts on Instagram

Mookie keeps fans in the loop on things going on in his life. It might be more geared toward the team or his business endeavors, but he’s a good follow, particularly on IG.

Freddie Freeman
@freddiefreeman5 on Twitter and
@freddiefreeman on Instagram

Freddie is best on Instagram where he stays fair regular on posts.


Do yourself a favor and please follow the team photographer Jon Soo Hoo. He posts highlights from just about every game on Instagram, so it is very worthwhile. Follow: @jon.soohoo in Instagram.

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