Why Tony Gonsolin Could Become A Major Chip for The Dodgers

Tony Gonsolin is a name you need to have on your radar as we move into the future of Dodgers baseball. Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to interview Gonsolin this past September. While it was through e-mail, Gonsolin provided answers that raised my eyebrows and left me wanting to know more.

He spoke of enjoying the ‘grind’ and didn’t seem satisfied to rest on his current accomplishments. Equally important – Gonsolin has a fastball that can touch triple digits. And that leads us to what we have seen this spring.

In three appearances, he’s tossed six scoreless innings. Striking out five hitters and allowing less than a runner per inning to reach, he’s making a serious case for the present; not just the future.

Let’s examine what type of impact Gonsolin can have for the Dodgers, both in the now and later.

Gonsolin’s 2019 Impact As a Dodger

With current statuses of Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler in relative limbo, the Dodgers have some innings to account for. While Julio Urias is assumed to be an organization-imposed innings limit; the Dodgers still boast plenty of options at starter to fill the gaps.

However, Gonsolin is still in camp at the time of this post. Therefore – he’s going to get a further look which means further opportunity. If he can continue to display the repertoire of stuff he has, the math is simple. Gonsolin profiles as a guy who is ready to get big league hitters out now. Surely, there will be growing pains for the 24-year old at some point. Still, he’s done enough already to display that he’s ready for a cup of coffee in the big time at a moment’s notice.

That moment could be arriving swiftly – with the status of several starters murky.

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Gonsolin’s Impact As a Future Trade Chip

Major League Baseball general managers know what makes the world go around. While sluggers sell tickets – defense and starting pitching are still what win games deep in the season. Therefore, a guy like Gonsolin already has scouting eyes upon him and some notations next to his name.

What does this mean for the near-term future? Picture the Dodgers at the trade deadline. They’re in need of a bat due to injury to make a push for a third straight World Series appearance. Obviously, they have displayed the reluctance to move a Keibert Ruiz or Dustin May among others in their top prospect list already.

So next on that list for teams to ask for could be none other than the suddenly high-ceiling Gonsolin. Here’s a look at a scouting report from last season over at baseball prospectus. Certainly, he’s already pushed through some of these ceiling projections that a scout wrote about him. For instance, his fastball peak velocity is above 96 miles an hour. Since I am not a scout, I’m not sure how his other three pitches are developing. With that said – the fact he has two or three other pitchers and he’s using them to get big league hitters out currently is a great sign.

In short, don’t be surprised if Gonsolin is the very centerpiece of a major trade later in the summer. His value could continue to rapidly build if he continues on his current trajectory.

The Final Word

Personally, I want Gonsolin as a Los Angeles Dodger; and an integral building block piece of the future. I am a fan of his no-nonsense make-up; and a bigger fan of the stuff he brings to the mound. Again, I am left wanting more each time I see him pitch. Here’s to hoping that Tony is amongst those final rounds of tough decisions for the Dodgers and a surprising Opening Day roster add!

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  1. No way they trade a guy with such a high ceiling.
    Rotation of the future;
    Buehler, Urias, Gonsolin, Dustin May, Santana, Stripling

    1. Spot on! Gonsolin is a keeper. I think it is more likely that Stripling or Mitchell White is used in a trade than Gonsolin.

  2. Completely agree guys, the future rotation of Buehler, Urias. Gonsolin and May and then so much more pitching fighting for a spot made me so negative about going after more pitching.

    Some people use that old saying you can’t have enough pitching but you can if it inhibits the growth of your own Farm talent. Plus these guys are cost controllable for several years.

    I agree that Stripling, Ferguson or White may end up in trade talks as they are talented but not as talented as the others.

    1. We can hope and I’m optimistic, given the protective history of FO. BUT…..speculation has too often made a fool of us civilians.

      1. Yes but Talent wins out…Buehler and Urias are for real. Look at Gonsolin’s numbers last year and look at him in Spring Training the guy has Velocity, Control and a 4 pitch repertoire. May is the same type prospect good control and velocity and has several plus rated pitches.

        With Buehler, May, Urias, Gonsolin and guys like White, Santana, Grey etc they all have very bright futures.

        The real question has always been can a guy hit? Players like DJ Peters and Kendall are guys with Huge potential but can they cut down on the strike outs and make contact? Some guys it takes awhile to have everything come together or seeing a different coach to change the mind set or changing their stance,,, Great Examples are Turner, Taylor and Muncy.

    2. Well we do know that of course Dodgers or any other team cannot possibly keep them all. But I concur as far a Stripling and a couple others mentioned here. Only thing I can say concerning Stripling and maybe he was tanked by the ASG but he most likely won’t ever pitch on another NL All Star team again after he imploded in last year’s game. Seems because he was fatigued he was a HR waiting to happen against him.

    3. Don’t forget Ryu and Kershaw may still be around when these guys are ripe on the vine! And Santana

      1. I am a huge Ryu fan. If he has a dominant year do you think they will attempt to sign him with all of the young talent coming up?

        Urias, Ferguson, Stripling, May, Gonsolin, White, Santana and others provide real value for a team. I am sure there is one slot with Hill gone but unless they go to a 6 man rotation which is not a bad idea for a team so rich in pitching talent. There is not much room.

        I saw Gonsolin pitch the other day and he is very impressive as is May…

        People forget the expectations around Urias before the injuries if he is healthy he can be as dominant as Buehler as he has great velocity with movement but also has very effective off speed pitches to throw hitters off.

  3. Guys please remember that moron Friedman is in the front office so no body is safe.

    1. I trust Friedman not to trade our best prospects he’s proven to be smart about that. He’s a moron when it comes to acquiring cheap broken down players and expecting to be able to beat loaded AL teams who do things right

    2. Your right. 6 straight division titles(4 w Friedman in charge) , 2 WS appearances, all the while keeping our farm system together and ranked in the top 7 yearly in MLB. He must be a total moron.

  4. I wish our “prospects” would Not get thrust into the limelight so quickly so other teams say “aha” if you(Dodgers) want our guy, we want “Lux, Verdugo, Ruiz and now Gonsolin.” I’d rather they say this guy has some flaws or don’t say anything at all. I know I’m not being realistic, other teams don’t want our guys such as DJ Peters(power potential, but strikes out too much.

    1. They aren’t very smart. They’d rather create hype about what they have instead of just being quiet

  5. Did I miss something? Did some of you negative people see that they are forecast to win their SEVENTH NL West division title and the best bet in the NL to get back to the WS?

    Continued negative comments on Friedman and the Dodger Management team simply shows that persons lack of knowledge about baseball and the Dodgers specifically.

    This team has made the last two World Series!! They barely lost in the 7th game to the Astros and were outmatched by the Red Sox without Seager and had an ailing Jansen.

    As many commenters stated this team is set up for the next decade with Elite Young Pitching. And look at the Infield you still have Barnes but also Smith, Ruiz, Wong and others at catcher. You have Turner for now at 3rd but may eventually see Seager there with Rios fighting for a chance at 3rd or 1st. SS you have Seager or Lux, Downs and Estevez for SS and 2nd base plus Kike and Taylor who are not that old. First base Bellinger, Muncy, Rios or?

    Outfield Pollock, Verdugo, Bellinger and possibly Peters, Kendall, Vargas and others.

    This team is deep for the Future Dodger Management is not ignorant they are incredibly canny in the way they have used their resources and have incredible talent in the pipeline for many years. Also as they have excess talent in the Minors who knows how they use that capital in trades?

    This Management team is brilliant…

    1. They continue building teams that are inferior to what the top 3 AL teams have to offer. They want to win a WS but continue to overlook the fact that you must be better than EVERYONE not just the NL

    2. tmaxster. I guess Dodgers fans aren’t happy with just being in two WS, Personally, I would like to win a WS. I don’t want to take for granted that winning a division title is easy. I’m not even talking about a deep playoff run.

      1. I respectfully disagree.

        Getting to the Playoffs takes an incredible team these days. After that it takes Talent, Momentum and Luck as far as injuries and it is a game of inches. Example is Taylor’s catch vs the Brewers and we can all name so many others. All this wailing about not winning the WS I believe is not realistic.

        If a team gets there it has to generate momentum and have some Luck. The Dodgers were very comparable to the Astros it came down to the last game. Yes they were not as good as the Sox but keep in mind two KEY people were injured or not at 100% Seager and Jansen. When teams are at that level missing an incredible offensive anchor like Seager is a huge hole. Plus Jansen was not healthy he was on heart meds for an A Fib condition. I have had that issue and believe me the heart meds slow you down.

        This team will compete in the Playoffs this year and for many to come…Enjoy the Ride people…

        1. Well I guess they just have really bad luck then. They can never seem to have it all together at the right time

    3. Tmaxster……my hats off to you for such a credible and intelligent post. These clueless negative Nancies need to go be Giants fans. Keep up the great writing.

    4. You care 100% right. Friedman’s management of building and using the whole roster and his long term planning and preparation are brilliant. Maybe too advanced for some to really see the whole picture.

    5. Actually having prospects doesnt make your team deep. Catching is a huge problem with nothing insight for a few years. 1st could be a huge problem. 2nd has been a problem for years. 3rd could be a problem in a few years.outfield is one to rate a team on prospects or potential is the sign of a guy who doesnt understand what a prospect is.

  6. tmaxster…..you sound like management…big excuses for players who are not up to par and nothing was done to fill the voids…their problems didn’t just happen overnight ….minor league players are “no good” until you have a use for them….how many years before a minor league player can make the majors?…….why stockpile a group of players that you don’t “need” except for trade bait…….this just drives up the dollar value because they have low value….BUT……they are needed so starters can sit on the bench and collect their big paychecks while someone else plays for them………

      1. dieselguy19 thanks for the support. People make blanket statements about signing broken down players. Is that Pollock? He has had what looks to be freak injuries while hustling. I thought they were very smart in giving him an incentive laden deal.

        They say the team has crappy players but the team has earned 2nd place two years running out of 30 Teams. Yes we would love to win the WS. But even if you have the Best Team it is not a certainty you win. The Giants in two out of their recent championships got hot at the right time and rode some hot players. That is what happens in sports.

        Enjoy the ride…the process… Have fun.. I enjoy watching the team move players and bring up players and I attempt to figure out their thinking. To me that is fun along with watching the game. I watch OKC and Tulsa those team have some great young talent.

        I am certain they will be able to trade some of the excess talent to get other guys that fit where there is a need. This team to me is very solid and should win between 97 & 100 plus games. It will win the NL West and be favored to get to the WS. After that who knows? Enjoy the ride…

      2. I have followed the Dodgers since the 40’s and i have probably forgotten more than you would ever know bout the team……..were you implying you were “absolutely clueless” ?……I am with the Dodgers thru the good times and the bad times…….seeing sons and grand sons trying to make it to the big leagues and what they had to deal with……you have a nice day and keep plugging for the Dodgers

        1. @olddodgerfan
          Ignore that dieselfarts guy. I guarantee he’s that SaulzGhudd or mountainman guy. Those two always critiqued every post without offering any knowledge or ever posting an intelligent post of their own

          1. whenever I make a comment, It hopefully is constructive and you learn what these players go through to be in the majors…….I have seen and lived with them every game, win or lose…..on the radio and then on tv and whenever I could afford, I would go to the games

          2. olddodgerfan thanks for adding our perspective. We all chime is and learn from each other. I am 68 and saw my first Dodger game in 1958. My Dad took me to the game when I was a little kid, still have an autographed ball from that team with Koufax, Drysdale, Podres etc.

  7. Gonsolin’s performance the other day was nothing short of fantastic!!!! In my mind, he is a “keeper” : unless events change radically, I would hold on to him, let him develop, and when the time is ready (which I hope is soon),, unleash his power. Judging by Baez’ ERA so far this spring, Gonsolin may be with us sooner rather than later!!!! Go Blue!!!!

    1. Good afternoon, BLUE LOU! I believe Gonsolin could be up here sooner rather than later cause as ya say, Baez may have a short leash IDK.. But also he may come up here due to an injury to 1 or more of the SP’s, WSS.

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