2021 Dodgers Trade Deadline: A Day-of Journal As Moves Happen

This will be our fourth Trade Deadline season where we tracked each move, or even strong rumors, during the day. This will be published early then updated throughout the day with the latest news at the top. To get you started we have an article at Dodgers 2080 about the downside of the Trade Deadline. As we’ve done in the past, we’ll work from the bottom up. The newest news will be at the top. The deadline is at 1:00 PM but we know that the trade trickle in until about 2:00 PM.

Summary of 2021 Trade Deadline Day

The Dodgers won the Trade Deadline. Now, they need to win more games. The Giants, ahead of the Dodgers by three games as of this writing improved with the acquisition of Kris Bryant. The Padres got Adam Frazier and Daniel Hudson to improve themselves. The National League West will be an amazing battle.

The number of really good ball players that were traded is crazy. It is good to that teams are in to win.

Trade Deadline Day

1:43 – Blue Jays keep adding

1:34 – Brewers get Curtiss

1:30 – Braves get a Pirate

1:24 – Giants get back Tony Watson

1:18 – Braves get a huge bat

1:14 – Red Sox grab another reliever

1:11 – Dodgers are done

1:07 – Cardinals still collecting old lefties

1:03 – some players not getting traded

1:02 – Phillies get a good glove

1:01 – here is the official Dodgers announcement

12:58 – Padres get another Astr*s cheater

12:53 – the Giants strike

12:48 – small trade for the cheaters

12:46 – Angels are selling

12:43 – Phillies/Rangers deal final

12:34 – It is OFFICIAL

12:31 – The deal looks done from Passan’s sources

12:15 – Boras insider, Jon Heyman says the Scherzer trade is good to go.

12:13 – a small trade as the Twins keep trading everybody

12:08 – Part of the return for Gibson/Kennedy

12:06 – Trade piece back to Cubs in Baez trade. Top prospects are being dealt left and right.

12:02 PM – Phillies getting a Dodger target?

11:57 – a good Dodgers’ fan reaction to Kimbrel going somewhere else


11:56 – The Scherzer/Turner trade is still NOT official

11:55 – Trevor Williams also going to Mets in Javy Baez deal

11:51 – the flurry has begun


11:27 – Kimbrel return to Cubs from the White Sox

11:21 – Catching up on Daniel Norris to the Brewers

11:20 – No Kimbrel to the Dodgers. Rumors they wanted Bobby Miller or Ryan Pepiot. That was not going to happen, especially after trading Josiah Gray.

10:28 – more eye candy rumors

10:23 – Braves get some depth and some decent pop

9:57 AM – Kimbrel rumors

9:35 AM – Jose Berrios traded and other rumors


8:37 AM – Jon Heyman with a probable clickbait tweet, but he is very plugged in with Max Scherzer’s agent, Scott Boros.

Also, to get you all warmed up:

Summary From Trade Deadline Eve

  • Outfielder Joey Gallo trade to the Yankees was finalized
  • Reliever Ryan Tepera was traded from the Cubs to the White Sox
  • Cleveland sent second baseman Cesar Hernandez to the White Sox
  • Reliever Brad Hand went from the National to the Blue Jays
  • Then there was this

  • The Dodgers traded for injured left-handed pitcher Danny Duffy. He’s had a nice season and will be ready to go in three to four weeks. For more details see our article here.
  • The Yankees picked up long-time Cubs’ first baseman, Anthony Rizzo.
  • Relief pitcher Diego Castillo went from the Rays to the Mariners
  • Then, the game-changer

  • Please check out more details in our article. The Dodgers getting Max Scherzer and Trea Turner is a hugely impactful trade. The cost of two of our top prospects is a lot, but, it is Scherzer and Turner.
  • The Nationals continued their selling by sending Kyle Schwarber to the Red Sox and Daniel Hudson to the Padres.

What an absolutely crazy day before the deadline day! What will Trade Deadline Day bring for us? You have to figure the Padres, let by AJ Preller will be ticked off about not getting Scherzer and will probably make at least three trades. The Giants have been pretty quiet but I expect them to make at least one big move. The Dodgers could still use another reliever and another bench bat and glove. Andrew Friedman is not done.

Players that have been rumored to be available and that we could see traded include Kris Bryant, Jose Berrios, Craig Kimbrel, and anyone not named Juan Soto from the Nationals. It’s going to be a fun day.

Stay tuned to Dodgers Nation and bookmark this article for all the latest and greatest up to and through the MLB trade deadline.

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A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger

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  1. Trae Turner is Seager Insurance. If Seager seeks stupid money, Turner slides in at SS. A lot of us thought Lux would be that guy, but by the end of July 30, Lux may not even be here!

    With Belli playing 1B, Muncy at 2B, and Seager returning (plus T Turner!), Lux may be out. With Michael Busch a likely September call-up (along with Cody Hoese), we may see one more BIG trade by Friedman today involving Lux and a prospect or player.

    Hold on to your shorts…!

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