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Clayton Kershaw Wonders if Games Are Too Fast After Dodgers Quick Victory Over Angels

The Dodgers beat the Angels 3-0 on Sunday night. It was a quick masterpiece by ace Clayton Kershaw who struck out Anaheim’s Mike Trout three times in the game. Oh, and there’s an emphasis on that quick because the game lasted just 2 hours and 8 minutes.

After the game, Kershaw jokingly worried about the games maybe being a little too quick, especially for Los Angeles.

“How fast was that game tonight? That was nuts.” … “It’s getting what we want. The game today was, what, 2 hours and whatever minutes. Hopefully, they sell enough beer.”

Via LA Times

He also made the observation that fans will start arriving in the sixth inning of games instead of the third, poking fun at the popular trope that Dodger fans arrive late.

Does Kershaw Have A Point?

Just over 2 hours is really fast. Maybe almost too fast for a game? Fans are paying more than ever for tickets to a game but now are sort of having some of the game taken away from them. Clayton made the joke about hoping the team can sell enough beer, but diving deeper into that, look… concessions lines are NOT fast at Dodger Stadium. If you miss a half inning or full inning or even more just getting up to go to the restroom then grab a beer and a Dodger Dog, you’re going to be frustrated.

Add in the fact that parking prices remain high — and actually increased for pre-paid passes — and it starts to lean toward feeling like fans are getting ripped off with the pitch clock.

I’ll step back and say, yes, the pitch clock is good. And for media covering teams all year long, it is a damn blessing. But thinking broader about the value for your dollar, baseball could get a little rough.

Clint Pasillas

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  1. I was at the game, and it went by really quickly. I planned ahead with the pitch clock in mind. I brought a sandwich to eat and some snacks so I wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the game. I’m glad I did, because on the AM570 post game fan call in segment several people said they lost 2 innings to either going to the bathroom or getting a dodger dog. One fan even said he gave up after the lines were too long. I think 2 hours and 8 minutes is too quick of a game. 2 hours 30 minutes should be about the minimum in my opinion.

  2. We use to buy the ticket packages, but with the changes and the price going up for both parking and food. We stay home and watch the games I the comfort of our own lazy boy. I have a peanut guy (loyal son #1), a handsome bartender (loyal son #2) and all the Dodger Dogs and Nachos I can eat in a controlled environment. Keep changing the game and more families will continue the same trend. An evening at the stadium was about $75 for tickets at the top and food and drinks about $80 plus parking. About $200 which was almost comparable to a night at the movies. NOW… we are looking at double that. Nope and it would take us longer to drive there, park and walk then to see the game. NOPE

  3. I love baseball, but it has to be the most boring professional sport to watch. This clock idea is great for baseball fans
    I play softball and our games (7 innings) only take around one hour to play.

  4. there’s no rip off with the clock. there’s just as much baseball being played. all we’ve lost is the endless batting glove adjustments.

  5. Are you there to eat and drink or watch the game? I get tired of people getting up every inning or two to get to the concession stands and then bothering me to move so they can get back to their seat. Maybe this will keep them home and I will be able to enjoy the game.

  6. I suspect many (most) fans support / enjoy the faster pace of play. I do understand that those who have the opportunity to attend games in person may feel they are receiving “less entertainment” for their hard earned dollars. Those who feel so egrieved should consider staying home. If enough fans do so, perhaps the Dodgers management will consider reducing ticket and/or parking prices to make the games more affordable for all who wish to enjoy the Dodger Stadium ambiance.

  7. For a Dodger fan living in the southeast a two hour game is a blessing. Three hour games end at midnight.

  8. Skip the parking: save $50
    Pregame on your hike up the mountain: save $50
    Making it to and from the game through the LA streets: priceless

  9. The pitch clock is NOT a blessing. You already pointed out several things that are making this an anti-consumer decision despite its PR push. On top of that, instead of either addressing issues that were already slowing down the game or using existing rules (long commercial breaks, umpires actually calling balks and not giving the batter a time out every time he steps out again and again), they’ve decided to put in arbitrary time limits which make the game incredibly difficult to watch unless you have your eyes glued to the game. No time for breaks, grabbing food from the kitchen, going to the restroom. It’s an awful viewing experience.

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