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Dodgers: AJ Pollock Was Just Like All of Us When the Giants Walked Him to Face Urias

Julio Urias added another great postseason game to his resume for the Dodgers. The veteran left-hander not only pitched a good game, but he broke the shutout for LA by pushing across the first run with an RBI single in the 2nd inning. This, of course, came after the Giants opted to intentionally walk number 8 hitter AJ Pollock.

In a postgame interview with SportsNetLA’s Kirsten Watson, Pollock had something to say about that walk.

They walked me [to get to Julio] and I was thinking ‘I wouldn’t do that.’ This guy’s been… I think he’s got like 10 RBIs in 50 at-bats on the year. He’s done that all year. You know that a big reason why he’s had so many wins, he’s contributing at the plate too. So he’s a competitor he’s out there competing for the team and we needed those. We needed those, they’re huge runs right there.

Yeah… I wouldn’t have done that either! In case you missed it, here is the at-bat.

Mookie Betts said that it was “pretty funny” that Julio was the guy to drive in the first run of the series, adding that it “didn’t ever seem like we were gonna score a run.” Julio said he was just doing what he could to get the bat on the ball there.

“I was just trying to get the bat on the ball and it was exciting to get a hit there and get our team going.”

After finishing the 2021 regular season with a 20-3 record — tops in all of baseball — Julio kept the ball rolling in his first start of the postseason. The lefty tossed 5 innings and allowed just 3 hits and a run to the winnest team in baseball this year. He also kept that bat going here in October after leading Dodger pitchers in runs, hits, and runs batted in.

The Dodgers are off on Sunday as they travel back to Los Angeles for game 3 of the NLDS at Dodger Stadium on Monday night.

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  1. Selena’s right. My wife and I looked at each other and said, “really? They’re going to walk Pollock to get to Urias?”

    1. Nice move Kapler. That’s why the Dodgers choose Roberts instead of you for manager. Kapler and Roberts were the two finalists for Dodger manager when Mattingly was let go. I think the Dodgers are happy with their choice 😉

  2. Urias was absolutely brilliant (!) last night and continues to not disappoint. When Pollock was walked so that the Giants’ could face our pitcher, I could barely contain myself when Urias got that 2 run hit. Although our offense definitely showed up, that hit was a game changer and maybe a series changer. The GIants and their fans appeared stunned; and, I think that we could have heard a pin drop for a few moments. I look forward to seeing the Dodgers take on the Giants at Chavez Ravine and I hope to hear loud chants of ” Repeat LA”, as well as other chant(s) Dodgers’ fans find fitting. Keep up the momentum and GO DODGERS!!!!

  3. I felt that Urias was not going to be an easy out , when you watch him in previous games ,His at bats he handles his at bats with much focus and knowledge as to where the pitch may be and takes a good swing , making contact quite often.Great game Julio and Dodgers !

  4. Julio Urias’s approach is like an old-time baseball player he has runners on base so he is only attempting to make contact and go with the pitch. Most of these modern-day hitters are focused on hitting the ball into orbit rather than make contact and go with the pitch.
    Pollock and several other Dodgers did the same yesterday so the Dodgers won.
    Tip of the cap to Bellinger who has finally figured out he has to cut down on his swing and stop attempting to pull every pitch. His big hit was to left-center a hit that was impossible earlier in the season with his pull everything mentality.
    Go Blue. Feel good about Scherzer at home. Does Roberts use Catman? Goslin has looked good recently and his splitter plays well at Dodger Stadium as Giants are a HR hitting team.

    1. Dodger 1955, I agree. Wins should count for something! Corbin Burnes wouldn’t even have won the ERA title had Counsell not yanked him after JT lit him up in the 2nd inning!

  5. It is great to see Julio become the pitcher that the Dodgers projected him to be,,,and more! He has matured into a great competitor, outstanding pitcher and great teammate. Great to see him coming into his own. I only hope that we can keep him long term

  6. On the telecast last night they mentioned there has already been discussions on bringing back the DH in the NL for next year. And although Urias had a great game and can contribute offensively like he did yesterday, he might have seen his last AB if Dodgrrs don’t advance but WSS.

    1. Paul, if the Dodgers don’t advance? Quit making me laugh. Dodgers at the ravine, where they won 59 games, Mad Max on the Hill facing a former Dodger pitcher with 55,000 screaming REPEAT LA? Get outta town!

  7. Seems to be some selective observations here as a way to bash the Giants´s manager. There were TWO outs and walking Pollack, one of our best hitters, to get to Urias, who is nothing in comparison to Pollack as a hitter, was the right move! Right moves, however, regularly go bad!

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