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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Shares Julio Urias’ Status for the Rest of NLDS

For the Dodgers, there might be a new big game pitcher in town. When LA needed a win most, Julio Urias put the team on his back for 5 innings of 1-run baseball in the bay. Urias allowed just 3 hits and recorded 5 strikeouts, earning the hugely important win in game 2 to even the NLDS at 1 game apiece.

The left-hander has been a difference maker for the Dodgers over the last two postseasons. Of course, in 2020, his most effective role was that of shutdown reliever, pitching LA to its first world title in more than three decades. Now, after a 32 start and 20-win season, Julio should be firmly entrenched in the postseason rotation for Dave Roberts. However, that might not exactly be the case according to Dave and Julio himself.

After Saturday night’s win, Roberts revealed that maybe that won’t be all we see of Julio in this series.

I like to take things day-by-day, but he’ll be alive later in the series I’m sure, yeah.

Urias threw just 72 pitches over those 5 innings. Notably, Dave added that he felt some of the at-bats Giants hitters put together against Julio were more stressful in some innings, leading to the somewhat early pull for the lefty-ace.

With the series heading back to LA, Max Scherzer takes the bump at Dodger Stadium after a rocky but effective outing on Wednesday in the Wild Card game against the Cardinals. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t see Urias again until the NLCS on Saturday night where he’d be starting against either the Atlanta Braves or Milwaukee Brewers in LA.

But we all know this world ain’t perfect.

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  1. ” against Julio were more stressful in some innings, leading to the somewhat early pull

    I could be wrong, but it SEEMS that Julio got pulled in the 5th often during the season.

    1. That’s because the Dodgers were usually way ahead by then. Why waste the best pitcher when the game is already out of reach? Duh.

      It had been the same all season, Buehler starts, no runs. Urias starts, lots of runs. Just worked out that way. Maybe Buehler needs to spend more time in the batting cage lol. Urias got the ball rolling last night with the first RBI!

    1. Dodgers did the same thing with Kersh in his first 4-5 years. take the long view and watch the pitcher excel for a decade!

  2. Scherzer has looked like he’s searching for his control the last few starts. He’s not been hitting the target and finding way too many bats for this time of year. Anyone know what has been happening?

    1. Mad Max is just a bit out of sync between his upper and lower half. He is pulling his pitches. He will get it worked out. No worries. Guy is a warrior! No way he gets lit up Monday! Even if he does, the army of closers have his back. Dodgers in 4.

      1. I agree Dodgers win Monday fan4life. But Tuesday is another story with no starter available other than T-gon or Price???. I think its Julio vs Webb for winner take all Game 5 Thursday in frisco.

        1. Joe, while agree that Tuesday will be a different story, Dodgers have already torched Giants game 4 starter Desclafani twice this year. Dodgers pen is way better than Giants pen. Hello NLCS!

  3. At the very least I expect Scherzer will compete on every pitch and keep the game close. At best he will shut down the Giants and put us in a position to move on towards another world series. He did a great job of keeping us in game 163 even though he was struggling. Keep fightin Dodgers!

  4. Julio was pulled out the whole year after 73 pitches sometimes 83 one time Roberts let him pitch 101 pitches. Truth is he’s a Big game pitcher and only reason Burnes. Wheeler have better era is first cause they don’t face Giants or Padres or Rockies 18 times during the season and Buhler and Scherzer are given a chance to pitch up to 105 pitches. Would love to see how they do with only 73 or 83 pitches cause pitching extra scoreless inning or two brings down your era something Julio has not been given even when he didn’t allowed a run or only 3 otherwise his era would be lowered than 2.50 and would be clear favorite to win the Cy Young. Truth is Julio deserves to pitch up to 100 like Buhler. This time it was good that Roberts took him out cause he can come in and close out the giants in dodger stadium if needed. We have the two best young pitchers in Buhler and Urias just like Koufax and Drysdale. I said it before Dodgers will win at least 5 more World Series with this group.Go Blue

    1. your implication of why Julio doesn’t go deeper into games sucks. Ever consider they are treating Julio just like they did Kersh for the first 4 years of his career? Besides, doc wants to be able to use Julio as needed to ensure we win this series. This is a team sport, and the Dodgers won yesterday. I would love to see Julio close out a game 4 win tomorrow if needed, or start game 5 in frisco. c’mon man!

    2. I honestly think that Roberts is misrespecting Urias big time since he’s been Dodgers manager .
      It’s obvious that he’s discriminating him

  5. Max’s mechanics have been messy. I see it as “pushing the ball”, especially in the last inning he pitched in the Wild Card game. He’s too smart to not figure it out soon/quickly.
    I’m not too bothered by DR pulling Julio early; both he and Walker are setting new highs for innings pitched and our bullpen is looking really good the past few weeks. Just need to watch Treinen use a bit and when we pitch Vesia and Bickford …they’re not veterans yet.

    1. Monday’s game won’t even be a fair fight. 3 time (possibly 4) Cy Young winner vs. a former Dodger pitcher (who they know like the back of their hand)?
      This is the equivalency of Nuclear Weapons vs. BB guns and pea-shooters! On paper it looks like Ali vs Frazier but we all know how that went…DOWN GOES FRAZIER!


      1. yup – as long as Dodgers play like they did inGame 2 and don’t look past Woody, they should win Monday!!! I’ll be there at the game to cheer them on!

    1. Dodgers had a big lead, and now have Julio for a possible inning or two to close out series win on Tuesday. Better we win Monday and Tuesday, than go back to frisco for winner take all Game 5

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