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Dodgers: Albert Pujols’ Pep Talk for Buehler, Matt Beaty’s Ejection, Johnny Bench Responds to Kershaw, and More!

The Dodgers are winning and it’s suddenly much more fun to be a fan in Los Angeles. But those wins haven’t come without their share of drama or without injury. That was certainly the case this week! Let’s dive into some of the top stories from your team this week.

Getting Albert Pujols on the team might be the most underrate move made in while. He was seen in the dugout talking to Buehler in his first appearance, and it turns out he was giving the young hurler a little pep talk. 

Dodgers: What Albert Pujols Said to Walker Buehler in the Dugout on Monday Night

Things got a little weird with Dodgers and umpires this week. But nothing was odder than when Matt Beaty got ejected for saying 3 little words to the home plate umpire in a game this past week. It even got the Jomboy breakdown! 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Sets Off Padres Fans With Comment on Giants Rivalry

Clayton Kershaw was seen in the dugout trying to hold as many balls as he could. But that didn’t impress Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench, who responded to him via social media the next day.

Dodgers: Hall of Famer Johnny Bench Responds to Clayton Kershaw Holding 6 Baseballs at Once

Saturday’s game was kind of odd in that the Dodgers had to pay the Giants starting pitcher. Why, you ask? Because baseball, that’s why. 

Dodgers Are Paying $8 Million to Giants Starter Scott Kazmir

Marlins pitcher Yimi Garcia stirred up some Dodgers in the dugout following a game on Sunday. the former Los Angeles rolled the ball towards the home team dugout and the reactions were…not good. 

Dodgers: Yimi Garcia Stirs Up Some Controversy Following Win Over Los Angeles

And finally, Dave Roberts accidentally set off Padres fans online when he made some comments on the Giants rivalry. It’s probably not how he meant it, but it’s still fun. 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Sets Off Padres Fans With Comment on Giants Rivalry

Check back in with us every week for the latest news on your favorite Los Angeles baseball team! Trades, roster moves, injuries, game updates–we’ve got it all! 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Points to One Issue for Justin Turner’s Recent Struggles

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